Winnie The Pooh Story

Winnie The Pooh Story is an awesome bedtime story for little-aged kids, and this is a very popular children’s story. This is a Halloween time story. Halloween time all jungle friends are come to meet Pooh House.

One jungle in lived one happy Pooh. Pooh is very funny from appearance. Pooh lived in a small house on an old tree. Pooh was very cute but he was very afraid of ghosts. Gradually the days of Hallowe’en were getting closer. Pooh was very worried because he was very afraid of ghosts.

One day suddenly someone knocking the door of the pooh house while Pooh was walking into her house on Halloween night. Pooh was very scared to hear the sound of the door knocking loudly. After a while, he cooled his body and went to open the doors. He heard as soon as he opened the door,

“Happy Halloween! Said the honeypot”

In came a pirate, a rabbit with black and orange stripes, and a forest ranger in a big hat.

The honeypot walked up ranger and said, to the “Hello. My name is Pooh. Do I know you!”

“Pooh! It’s me. Rabbit!” “Oh, Rabbit!” Said Pooh. “I didn’t recognize you without your ears.

“No! I am Rabbit!” Cried the rabbit with the orange and black stripes. He laughed a Tigger laugh.

“Can’t be,” said Rabbit. “Rabbits do not have stripes.”

Just then, Owl walked in. He wore a black cap. There was a big sign on his belly,

“Welcome, Owl!” Said Pooh. “What are you?” “The alphabet, of course,” said Owl.

Wait for us! “said a nurse as she walked in the door. A small ghost followed her. Then a strange thing happened.

A rock walked in by itself! It went to the back of the room and stood very still. Nobody noticed it.

“It’s time for the parade” cried Roo. Not vel, “said Pooh.” Christopher Robin and Eeyore are not here yet. “

But then Pooh and his friends heard strange noises coming from the back of the room. They sounded like whistle snort, whistle, snort.

Everyone looked towards the back of the room. All they saw was a big rock.

“I’ve never heard a rock go whistle snort before.” Said Pooh

The rock stopped going whistle, snort, and started going zzzzzz. Then it let out a loud “Rah!”

“Oh, dear” yelled Pooh. Everyone ran to the front of the room. They huddled together, shaking with fear.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. “Aah!” They all screamed and jumped straight in the air.

The door opened, and there stood a giant bat! Everyone hid under Pooh’s table.

“Hi, everybody,” said the bat. “It’s me, Christopher Robin.” “Oh, Christopher Robin,” said Pooh. “Are we glad to see you!”

“There’s a big rock in the house,” said Piglet. “It’s making scary noises,” said Roo. “Tiggers don’t like scary noises.” Said Tigger

Christopher Robin looked over at the rock. But it had moved! Now it was in the darkest corner of the room And it was shaking and moaning!

Christopher Robin crept towards the rock. “B-b-be careful,” warned Piglet.

Christopher Robin reached out to touch the rock. It was soft! This was not a rock. It was a blanket.

Christopher Robin lifted the blanket, and below it was Eeyore!

“I was taking a nap.” Said Eeyore, “when I heard all these scary noises. So I hid in the corner.”

Christopher Robin started to laugh “Eeyore,” he said, “you were afraid of yourself.” “Oh my,” said Devore, Isn’t that silly.

“Well,” said Christopher Robin, “now that no one is afraid anymore, let the Halloween parade begin!”

Everyone stepped outside. And as they marched through the Hundred – Acre Wood, no one was afraid.

Well, maybe just a little bit.

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Winnie The Pooh Story End

Winnie The Pooh Story is a very famous and very old bedtime story for little age kids. I hope your children very enjoy The Pooh and Winnie Halloween story. This story is a pretty scary and funny story.

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