Whatever You Like

Whatever You Like|Akbar and Birbal

Whatever You Like is an amazing Bedtime story for kids

A very miserly man lived in the city of Delhi. After much hard work, he used to earn some money. He would spend a very meager amount out of it for his meals and save the remaining amount.

He had bought many pearls and diamonds out of his savings. But, he lived in such a manner, that no one would ever imagine that this man had seen diamonds and gems in his life.

The miser lived in a very small hut. In it, one could just see his broken and cracked utensils. But, in the very same hut, he had carefully hidden his jewels and gems in an old torn dirty cloth bag.

Suddenly, one day the miser’s hut caught fire. When the miser saw this, he started crying loudly.

The neighboring people came forward and tried to put off the fire. but the fire could not be extinguished and increased rapidly. Now, the miser started crying even louder are there in the miserable hut that you are crying so loudly? “

Still crying, the miser said,” I am not crying for my hut, I am crying for my pearls and diamonds. “

Quite surprised, the jeweler asked,” Then, where have you kept them?

The miser pointed towards the place where they had been kept. The jeweler was very greedy. He said, “If I will be able to take out the pearls and diamonds safely, then I will give you back whatever I like. The remaining ones I will take, agreed?”

The miser thought, anyway instead of losing everything, it is better to gain at least something and agreed.

The jeweler entered the flames and after a while came out with the bag containing the valuables. When the fire was totally put off, the jeweler kept all the gems and diamonds with himself and gave the dirty old bag to the miser. The miser was furious but the jeweler cunningly said, “You had agreed with what I said. Now, you won’t get anything!”

The miser begged,” Please, sir. You have taken out the bag at the cost of your life. You may take half of the gems and diamonds.

The jeweler smiled and said, “Not at all, I had told you in the first place that I will give you whatever I like.”

The miser was not ready to agree with him and a quarrel started between them. Finally, the miser had no alternative than to go to the Emperor. The Emperor listened to them and called Birbal. Birbal heard the case and thought for some time.

Then, he asked them, “What was decided between you?”

The jeweler said, “It was decided between us that, whoever will take out the bag from the flames of fire, will give the other whatever he likes.”

Then Birbal asked the miser, “Is the jeweler telling the truth?”

The miser replied,” Yes sir!

“Then what is your complaint?” Birbal asked. “But sir, he is taking all the pearls and diamonds and giving me this dirty old bag.” Birbal asked the jeweler, “What do you like amongst the two?”

“Sir! The pearls and diamonds of course!”

“Then, what is the difficulty? Give the pearls and diamonds to him as you like them and take the bag for yourself.” Birbal said to the jeweler.

The jeweler looked aghast. Birbal said further, “What was decided between you? Whatever you like, you will give him. Right? As you like pearls and diamonds, give them to him, you take the bag, that’s all! “

The jeweler bent his head in shame!

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