The Weeping River

The Weeping River|Akbar and Birbal

The Weeping River is an amazing bedtime story for kids

It was rainy season. Yamuna river was flooded and overflowing. The rushing water was making a loud noise. The Emperor’s palace was situated on the river bank. The Emperor was fast asleep.

It was a peaceful night and so, the sound of the roaring river could be heard very distinctly.

At midnight, the Emperor suddenly woke up because of the noise. He tried his best to go back to sleep but the sound of the water was so frightening and loud that he could not sleep again.

Finally, he got up and went near the window. The stars were twinkling in the sky and the waters of Yamuna were sparkling under their light. Hearing the gushing water, the Emperor thought, could it be that the river is crying? He thought for a long time but he could not find the answer.

At last, unable to sleep, he opened a book and started reading it. In a short time, while reading the book his eyes became heavy and he dozėd off.

In the morning, when the Emperor came to the court, he asked the courtiers, “Why is the river crying? But no one could give a satisfactory answer to it. Emperor thought that only Birbal could answer his query and so, he sent for Birbal.

Birbal came at once. Emperor Akbar asked him the same question. Birbal said, “I will give you my answer only when I will listen to the river with my own ears.

The Emperor agreed, “Well, then tonight, you listen to the river!” In the night, it was calm and quiet everywhere and the river could be heard weeping. Birbal was with the Emperor in his palace.

Again, the Emperor asked him the same question. Then Birbal said, “Your Majesty, the river is going to her husband’s (the sea’s) place from her father (mountain). She is feeling very sad to leave her father’s house and so, she’s weeping.

The Emperor and Other Cartiers were very pleased with Birbal’s reply.

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