Thumbelina Story

Hello kids welcome to Amzing Story World. I hope you are very well and want to read a very interesting bedtime story. We are here to help you to tell a very interesting Thumbelina Story. Today I am going to tell you a very interesting story about Princess Thumbelina and one beautiful prince.

In the story, you know about a childless woman who seeks help from a wise witch, receiving a magical seed. To her astonishment, it grows into a tulip from which emerges a tiny girl named Thumbelina. Despite love and care, Thumbelina’s life takes unexpected turns, leading her to face various challenges. Read the full story to discover her journey.

Thumbelina a Magical Story begins

Long, long ago, in a faraway land, there was a woman who longed to have a child of her own. Sadly, she couldn’t have one. Determined to find a solution, she sought help from a wise witch. The witch gave her a special seed and said, “Don’t worry! Plant this magic seed in a pot, water it carefully, and wait.”

Excitedly, the woman rushed home and followed the witch’s instructions. The next morning, to her amazement, a beautiful tulip with red and yellow petals had grown from the seed. The flower was still closed, but it was incredibly lovely. The woman kissed it gently, and with a magical sound, the petals opened, revealing a tiny little girl inside.

Delicately holding the girl in her hands, the woman exclaimed, “I shall name you Thumbellina because you’re as tiny as my thumb!” Thumbelina grew up happily under the woman’s loving care. At night, she slept in a nutshell, using a rose petal as a pillow and a violet as a blanket. During the day, she played with a plate full of water, pretending the tulip petal was her boat.

One night, while Thumbelina was sleeping in her little bed, an ugly toad hopped onto the windowsill and saw her among the petals. “She’s so beautiful!” thought the toad. “She will make a perfect wife for my son.!” Without hesitation, the toad jumped onto the table, snatched the nutshell with Thumbelina, and hopped away to her swamp.

In the swamp, the toad placed Thumbelina on a water lily leaf in the middle of a pond, thinking she couldn’t escape. Thumbelina woke up, started crying, and felt desperate when the toad announced their upcoming wedding. But luckily, some kind of fish overheard the plan. They decided to help Thumbelina by biting and chewing the leaf’s stem. Eventually, the leaf broke free and floated away with Thumbelina on it.

Just when Thumbelina was relieved to escape, a big may beetle, attracted by her tiny size, snatched her and carried her away on a tree branch. Other insects living on the tree surrounded her and started teasing her for being different. The beetle, annoyed by their mean comments, quickly dropped Thumbelina in a vast field.

Now alone in an unknown place, Thumbelina wandered until she found a small door in a cornfield. She knocked on it, hoping for some shelter. It turned out to be the den of a kind old mouse named Mrs. Mouse. Seeing Thumbelina in need, Mrs. Mouse invited her to stay until winter’s end. In return, Thumbelina took care of the house and kept Mrs. Mouse company by telling stories.

However, Thumbelina grew bored staying inside the quiet den, longing for the sun and the birds’ songs. Mrs. Mouse invited Mr. Mole, their neighbor, to visit. She believed he would be a perfect husband for Thumbelina. Polite as ever, Thumbelina answered all his questions and shared her best stories. Mr. Mole was enchanted by her grace and decided to marry her.

A few days later, Mr. Mole came to pick up Mrs. Mouse and Thumbelina, escorting them to his spacious underground den. Along the dark tunnel connecting the dens, they encountered a dead bird, which hadn’t migrated in time and succumbed to the cold. Overwhelmed with sadness, Thumbelina noticed that the bird’s heart was still beating.

That night, while Mrs. Mouse slept, Thumbelina quietly slipped out of bed to bid farewell to the swallow. To her surprise, she discovered

that the bird was alive but weak. Thumbelina cared for the swallow throughout the winter, and as spring arrived, the bird regained its strength. When the time came for the swallow to leave, Thumbelina felt a deep sadness. The swallow offered to take her to a land where the sun always shone and flowers never wilted.

However, Thumbelina couldn’t bear to leave Mrs. Mouse alone, who had shown her such kindness. Tearfully, she declined the swallow’s offer. After the swallow’s departure, Thumbelina continued her life as before. Occasionally, she peeked outside the den, hoping to see her friend again. But Mrs. Mouse didn’t allow her to leave, wanting Thumbelina to marry Mr. Mole.

Finally, at the end of summer, Mrs. Mouse informed Thumbelina that Mr. Mole had asked for her hand in marriage. Trembling with displeasure, Thumbelina refused, but Mrs. Mouse paid no heed. She immediately started preparing for the wedding, making Thumblina miserable. She wished the swallow were there to help her, but she didn’t know how to find her.

When Thumbelina had lost all hope, she heard a familiar voice calling her. It was the swallow, who had come to see her once more before flying to warmer lands. Thumbelina shared her worries about marrying Mr. Mole and living in a dark den without the sun. The swallow said, “Come with me! I’ll take you to a wonderful country where the sun always shines, and you’ll be free!”

Thumbelina eagerly hopped on the swallow’s back, and together they flew over oceans, plains, and mountains. Finally, they arrived in a beautiful valley with a vast field of blooming flowers. The swallow gently placed Thumbelina on a white flower in full blossom. As soon as Thumbelina touched its petals, a handsome young man, no taller than a thumb, emerged from the flower. He wore a golden crown on his head and had two transparent wings on his back. He was the king of this magical country.

The little king fell in love with Thumbelina and asked her to be his queen. Overjoyed, Thumbelina accepted his proposal. Swarms of winged creatures flew out from the flowers, bringing her splendid wings so she could fly across her new kingdom. Thumbelina’s dreams had come true, and she lived happily ever after with her king in the land where the sun always shone and the flowers never wilted.

Thumbelina Conclusion

In Thumbelina’s life, she encounters many different creatures. And he has to face difficulties and challenges somewhere. He displayed resilience, kindness, and unwavering determination in his life. And finally, something good happens in its life. She goes with the swallow to the magical land.

Where she meets a handsome young king who falls in love with Thumbelina. And Thumbelina accepted his offer. And she marries the king. And she becomes queen.

Where the sun always shines and flowers keep blooming. All of Thumbelina’s dreams came true and she flew with the king on her delicate wings to the magical land and be happy always.

I hope your child will enjoy our Thumbelina a Magical Story. Please click on our homepage to read more such interesting and funny magical stories. After reading our story your children too will go to a magical world like Thumbelina and be happy.

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