The Three Question

The Three question|Bedtime Story for kids

The three-question is an amazing bedtime story for kids

One day, the Emperor was talking to a courtier who was a ‘Khoja’.

During the conversation, the Emperor praised Birbal very 1 19 much. Khoja was very annoyed. He thought himself to be very intelligent. He secretly desired to be the Chief Minister, but because of Birbal, it was not possible.

Therefore, whenever Khoja found an opportunity, he would speak ill of Birbal.

That day, he was very angry to hear Birbal’s praises from the Emperor. Hence, very furiously, he talked whatever came to his mind about Birbal and said, “Maharaj! You give too much importance to Birbal just without any reason!

The Emperor asked, “But Birbal is cleverer than any other courtier. No one can give as logical and proper answers to any questions as Birbal can!”

Then, Khoja said, “Maharaj, you are praising him in vain. If you say that Birbal gives very good answers, then let him answer my three questions. Then only, I will accept his intelligence.”

The Emperor agreed and said,” Well, what are your questions? “Khoja told the following questions,

  1. How many stars are there in the sky?
  2. Where is the center of the earth?
  3. What is the exact number of men and women separately in the world?

The Emperor was very pleased with Khoja’s questions. He always liked to test Birbal’s wit and cleverness.

At once, he sent for Birbal. Soon, Birbal came to the court.

Immediately, the Emperor asked him the three questions and said, “Look Birbal, if you will be unable to give the right answers to these questions, you are bound to be suspended from your post!

“Yes, Your Majesty! I will give my answers within five hours!”

He then left the court and went out. He asked his servant to bring a sheep with abundant hair.

When the hairy sheep was brought, Birbal went to the Emperor and said, “Maharaj, the answer to Khoja’s first question is that there are as many stars in the sky as the hair on this sheep’s body. If you have a doubt, you can ask the Khoja himself to count and find out!

To answer the second question, Birbal drew some lines on the ground and bore an iron rod in it and said, “This is the center of the earth. If the Khoja is doubtful, he may measure it and find out.”

While answering the third question Birbal said,” Jahanpanah! It is very difficult to find out the number of men and women separately. Because some people like our Khoja have created a problem. These people can neither be counted amongst men nor can they be regarded as women. Therefore if all such persons will be killed, I will be able to count the exact number of men as well as women.”

All the courtiers started laughing on hearing Birbal’s answer.

However, Khoja left the court without uttering a single word!

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