There was an old woman who lived in a shoe Story

here was an old woman who lived in a shoe. The story is a very wonderful bedtime story for your kids. This is a story about one old lady who lives in one shoe, who hates children. To know more read the full story.

the old women who lived in shoe

There was an old woman who did not like kids. Who lived in a musty old, crusty old boot. Who had an old cat who did not like kittens And in addition that cat did not like anything little or cute.

Then came a remarkable mother with her kids! Who moved into a rumble-down, tumble-down shoe. Then kids started to play in surrounding and they are making noise. That old woman did not like noise at all. Now, what would the old woman do?

She peeked through the laces, spied all those cute faces. Then turned to the cat in a horrible mood. “These kids are so noisy! So loud!” That cat quite agreed that they were so terribly noisy.

On the very same day, the old witch came down the way. She was selling old lotions and potions. One of her potions was “KIDS-BE-GONE”. A bit stale (But it did not cost much).

The witch said, “My dear, the instructions are clear. You must follow them right properly, however, a teaspoon or two would sufficiently do.” The old woman thought ten would work better.

So she and the cat dumped it all in a Lemonade. They put sweet little chairs in the shade. They even made ice! And a put a signboard that said “Free Lemonade”.

While kids were playing, they saw a signboard, and kids came to the old woman. The old woman was trying her best. Sounding so sincere, she said, “Welcome, my dear.” As she greeted and seated each kid. Cup after cup the kids drank up. Then fell to the ground in a heap. The old woman was smiling. “My potion is working. Each one of those kids is asleep!” They cried, “Kidds-Be-Gone”. They’d forgotten the potion was stale!

The magic went fizzle. The heap stumbled and rumbled and rolled. Then they were not cute little kids, all of them look like old women. They were grouches and biddies. All rusty and crusty old with moles on their skin. The old woman wailed. “My potion has failed. It is cruse. They are far worse than me.”

Then the cat made them wheeze(they were sure she had fleas).

As it happened that day, the old witch down the way was unloading a box from her truck. And there a whole stack of “Kiddie-come-back”. My goodness imagines the luck. The witch made a deal the price was a steal. And the potion was all guaranteed. The old woman cried, “Great! I will buy the whole create what a bargain, It is just what I need.”

So she and the cat mixed it all in a vat. But just as they served the old bunch. Oh, what a commotion. The cat slipped in the potion and fell whiskers and all in the punch. The grouches and biddies shark back into kiddies. But where was the cat who fell in? She turned back into a kitten.

The End of Old woman and kids Story

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