The Wood Gatherer Lazy Boy Story

This tale is about Gabriel, a Lazy boy who lived in a small cottage on a cliff overlooking the sea. One day he got into big trouble with his parents. Let’s see if we can find out his trouble.

One sunny day, Gabriel’s father, who was a fisherman, asked his son to gather firewood from the forest. They were going on a boat trip the next day to see the whales as a special treat, so they needed wood to light a fire and cook a hearty breakfast before setting off. But that morning Gabriel was very tired. “It’s not fair!” he muttered, “I don’t want to gather wood. I just want to take it easy today.”

Nevertheless, Lazy boy set off along the path that led to the forest. On his way up the path, he came to a lone tree that had no leaves. “It’s my lucky day!” he exclaimed. “This tree has no leaves and it looks perfect for firewood – dead and dry.

I don’t need to go all the way to the forest as father said. I can just rest here and then quickly snap off some branches before I go home. So he sat at the foot of the tree and gazed at the sea spangling in the sunlight. Soon, he fell fast asleep.

Sometime later, Lazy boy awoke – it was getting dark. “Oh no! How long have I been asleep?” he wondered. Jumping up, he climbed the tree and frantically began to break off branches. But, despite appearances, this wood wasn’t dead at all– it was green inside and full of sap. And the branches took so much pulling and twisting that one even snapped back and hit him in the eye. Ouch! When he had finally broken off enough branches, he bundled them into his arms, ran back home, and piled them outside the house before he went into bed.

Early next morning, Gabriel’s mother rose to prepare breakfast. She picked up the wood to start a fire. But the flames just flickered and died. When her husband came down, she still had no fire. “I’m sorry, breakfast’s not ready,” she said. “This wood is so green and damp that the fire won’t light.” Just then Gabriel (Lazy Boy) appeared. “Son, what’s wrong with your eye?” asked his concerned mother. “And why is this firewood so wet?” growled his father.

The Lazy boy gulped and shuffled his feet. He felt ashamed that he had let them down by being so lazy the day before. Trying not to cry, he explained how he had fallen asleep under the tree and gathered the wrong wood, hurting his eye in the process. “I’m so sorry I didn’t go to the forest as you asked. I was feeling too tired, so I tried to take an easy way out,” he said.

“Well, by the time we gather dry wood to cook breakfast,” replied his father, “it’ll be much too late to go and see the whales it’s too far.” Lazy Boy (Gabriel) was disappointed but determined to make amends. Later that day he went to the forest to collect lots of good firewood, so the next morning his mother was able to cook them all a filling breakfast. And as a reward for his hard work, they went to see the whales after all a magical experience that Gabriel never forgot.

Moral of the Story

People who are lazy disappoint themselves as well as others. A wise person works hard so that they can enjoy the rewards and have the satisfaction of knowing they did their best.

Buddha Thought

End of story The Wood Gatherer Lazy Boy

I hope you enjoyed The Wood Gatherer lazy boy story. This very short moral story. We will come up with more stories like this. Till then also check out our home page.

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