The Verbal Reward

The verbal Reward|Bedtime story for kids

The verbal Reward is an amazing bedtime story for kids

One day, a poet went to a rich man. There, he sang several poems for him with the hope that the rich man will give him a handsome reward. But the man was a great miser. He said, “Honorable poet, I am very pleased with your poems. Please come to me tomorrow; I will please you really well tomorrow.

The poet thought, perhaps the rich man will give a nice reward and went home happily. The next day, He went to the man’s place. There the rich man said, “Honorable poet, just as you pleased me, with your poems, I too pleased you by saying” Come tomorrow!. In reality, you have given me nothing. Similarly, you too got nothing from me. Now, does it not make us even? “

The poet was very disheartened. He narrated the entire matter to one of his close friends who in turn told it to Birbal. On hearing it, Birbal said, “Well then, he must be taught a good lesson. Do as I say, you befriend the rich man and one day, invite him to your place for lunch. At that time, also invite your poet friend and of course I myself will be there. We all will gather some time before the fixed time. Then after having lunch, we will sit easily chatting with each other. I will see what has to be done afterward. “

After some days, the lunch program was arranged as per Birbal’s plan. As already decided, the rich man came for lunch at the fixed time. At that time, Birbal, the poet, and some other friends were chatting with each other.

Gradually, time passed and lunchtime was over. But, the men were busy talking and they seemed quite unhurried. Finally, the rich man became impatient and asked, “It’s already past noon! Aren’t we having any lunch? It’s past lunchtime!

“Lunch?” What lunch? ”Birbal asked.

The rich man said, “Hadn’t we gathered here for lunch? What do you mean by, what lunch? Birbal said, “No, no, not at all, there wasn’t an invitation for lunch. Only to please you, you had been told,” Come for lunch! “The rich man was annoyed. He asked angrily, “What is this? Is it right to cheat a respectable person in such a manner? You have lied to me!”

Birbal started laughing and said, “When did I say that such behavior is right? But you had cheated this poet saying, “Come tomorrow”, so I too said so to please you. We thought that perhaps this was the right behavior amongst cultured men! ”

The rich man realized his mistake and he gave away a handsome reward to the poet.

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