The Ugly Duckling Story

The Ugly Duckling is a very old and popular tale for kids. This is a story about one ugly and sad Duck. Read the full story To know more about how Duck is far away from other Ducks and it becomes alone. Your children are very much enjoyed Ugly Duckling Story.

The Ugly Duckling Story

The mother duck was waiting for her eggs to hatch. Slowly, the first shell cracked, and first a tiny bill and then a little yellow wing appeared. Then, with a great rush, a bedraggled yellow duckling fell out. He stretched his wings and began to clean his feathers. Soon he stood proudly beside his mother, watching as his sisters and brothers all pushed their way out of their shells.

There was only one shell left. It was the largest and the mother duck wondered why it was taking so much longer than the others. She wanted to take her babies down to the river for their first swimming lesson. There was a sudden, loud crack, and there lay quite the biggest and ugliest duckling she had ever seen. He wasn’t even yellow. His feathers were dull brown and grey.

“Oh dear,” said the mother duck.

She led the family down to the river, the ugly duckling trailing along behind the others. They all splashed into the water and were soon swimming gracefully, all except the ugly duckling, who looked large and ungainly even on the water.

“Oh dear,” said the mother duck.

The whole family set off for the farmyard, where they were greeted with hoots and moos and barks and snorts from all the other animals.

“Whatever is that?” said the rooster, pointing rudely at the ugly duckling. All the other ducklings huddled around their mother and tried to pretend the ugly duckling was not with them.

“Oh dear,” said the mother duck. The ugly duckling felt very sad and lonely. No one seemed to like him, so he ran away from the farmyard and hid in some dark reeds by the river. Some hunters came by with their loud, noisy guns and big, fierce dogs.

The ugly duckling paddled deeper into the reeds, trembling with fear. Only later in the day, as it was growing dark, did the ugly duckling dare move from his hiding place.

All summer he wandered over fields and down rivers. Everywhere he went, people laughed and jeered at him, and all the other ducks he met just hissed at him or tried to bite his tail. As well as being ugly, the duckling was very lonely and unhappy. Soon winter came and the rivers began to freeze over. One day, the duckling found himself trapped in the ice. He tucked his head under his wing and decided that his short life must have come to an end.

He was still there early the next morning when a farmer came by on his way to feed the cows in the fields.

The farmer broke the ice with his shoe and wrapped the ugly duckling in his jacket, then carried him home to his children. They put the poor, frozen, ugly duckling in a box by the fire and as he thawed out, they fed him and stroked his feathers. And there the ugly duckling stayed through the winter, growing bigger all the time.

Now the farmer’s wife had never had much time for the ugly duckling. He was always getting under her feet in the kitchen and he was so clumsy that he kept knocking things over. He spilled the milk in the bucket from the cow. He put his great feet in the freshly churned butter. He was just a nuisance, and one day the farmer’s wife had enough. So, in a rage, she chased him out of her kitchen, out of the farmyard, and through the gate down the lane.

It was a perfect spring day, The apple trees were covered in blossom, the grass was green, and the air was filled with the sound of birdsong. The ugly duckling wandered down to the river and there he saw three magnificent pure-white swans. They were beautiful and so graceful as they glided over toward the bank where he stood. He waited for them to hiss at him and beat the water with their great wings to frighten him away, but they didn’t do any such thing. Instead, they called him to come and join them. At first, he thought it was a joke, but they asked him again.

He bent down to get into the water and there, looking back at him, was his own reflection. But where was the ugly duckling? All he could see was another great and magnificent swan. He was a swan! Not an ugly duckling but a swan. He lifted his great, long, elegant neck and called in sheer delight, “I am a swan! I am a SWAN!” and he sailed gracefully over the water to join his real family.

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The Ugly Duckling Story End

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