The Trojan Horse story

The Trojan Horse story is a very interesting bedtime story for little kids. This story about a great war between two big kingdoms Greek and Troy. Read the full story to understand this war.

Prince Paris of Troy stole away the beautiful Helen, wife of King Menelaus of Greece, the outraged Greeks were determined to win her back. The finest warriors in the swiftest ships sailed in a mighty fleet to the shores of their enemy. Eventually, hundreds of warriors swarmed up the beaches, laying siege to the immense, high – walled city of Troy. The Trojan princes often descended from their lofty towers to pit their strength against the Greeks on the broad plain outside the steadfast gates. Among the armies of both sides were the greatest heroes the world has ever seen. At their hands, the battlefield ran red with rivers of blood by day and burned with smoking funeral pyres by night.

After ten long years, even the Trojan princes Paris and Hector, and the Greek warrior of warriors Achilles, were ranked among the slain. Yet the Greeks were still no closer to breaching the towering, stone stronghold. Battle-weary, disheartened, and homesick, the great army was out of ideas – until the great king Odysseus hit upon a daring new plan. If they could not win the city of Troy by force, they might instead win it by cunning.

Odysseus ordered soldiers to a nearby forest on Mount Ida to cut down trees and chop them into planks. Then the famous carpenter Epeius set to work with the wood. After three days, he had crafted an enormous, wooden horse that was stunning to behold. It was so magnificent and big. No one guessed it was in fact hollow. A hidden trapdoor led up into the empty body of the beast.

At dawn the following day, the sentries positioned high on the battlements of Troy could not believe their eyes. Every morning for the past ten years, they have used to see the sight of the Greek camp spreading along the shore, their banners fluttering in the breeze. Their armor glinting in the sunlight, their ships filling the water as far as the eye could see. But this morning, the beach was empty! Or nearly – among the smoking heaps of burning huts was the incredible sight of the giant, wooden horse, standing still and silent on the golden sands. The sentries sounded the alarm at once.

When old King Priam of Troy surveyed the scene for himself. He was nervous that the Greeks might have set an ambush. A group of scouts marched down to the seashore to investigate. But they found only one Greek soldier hiding among the rocks. Terrified, he begged the Trojans to spare his life, telling them that the Greeks had sailed for home, leaving the horse as a gift and himself as a sacrifice to the gods, to ask for a safe voyage.

Joy rushed into the hearts of the Trojans and after endless battles, they had cause to celebrate. Throwing open the gates of the city, the men, women, and children ran down to the sea for the first time in ten years Singing and dancing. They attached ropes to the wooden horse and laid rollers in front of it. By nightfall, they had heaved it into the heart of Troy. Then the collated citizens ate, drank, and danced until the early hours when everyone fell asleep – even the sentries.

Alas for Troy! Fortune was not smiling on the city after all. The Greek warrior had courageously volunteered to weave a web of lies. As soon as the Trojans had started feasting the entire Greek fleet had sailed back to their beaches from a nearby cove. Now in the city, with the Trojans soundly snoring, the trapdoor in the wooden horse slid open. Odysseus and a band of the finest Greek warriors descended from inside. Some of the warriors headed straight for Helen’s chamber. While the others opened the gates of Troy, unleashing hell on the great city.

The Trojans had no chance and were slaughtered in their beds. In triumph, the Victorious Greeks led Helen down to their ships and set their torches to the great city. Finally, as the sun rose, the Greeks set off on their long journey home leaving Troy to burn.

Moral of the The Trojan Horse story

When strength not worked, use your cunning.

The End of The Trojan Horse story

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