The Three Wishes Story

The Three Wishes story is one woodcutter story that is very poor. To know How Woodcutter gets into big trouble when he tries to ask for his three wishes read the full Three wishes story. The Three Wishes story is a very interesting and popular story.

the three wishes

Max was a poor woodcutter who lived in a small cottage next to a large forest with his wife, Elsa.

One day, just as he was about to chop down a giant oak tree, he saw a woodland fairy fluttering just below a branch. He had never seen a fairy before. “Maybe I’m dreaming,” he said to himself, rubbing his eyes; but when he opened them again, the fairy was still there.

“Hello!” said the tiny creature. “If you spare this oak tree, the next three wishes that you or your wife make will come true.” Then she was gone. So Max left the oak tree and moved on to another.

He worked hard all day, and when he got home he was so tired that he had forgotten all about the fairy and the three wishes.

“I’m hungry. What’s for supper?” he asked.

“Potato soup,” answered Elsa. “We haven’t got enough money to buy meat.”

“Not again,” moaned Max. “I’ll begin to look like a potato soon. I wish we could have a nice sausage for a change.” No sooner had he spoken when there was a “Tring!”, and a huge sausage appeared on the table. This reminded Max of the fairy, and he immediately told Elsa about their three wishes. When he’d finished, Elsa was furious.

“You stupid man, you’ve wasted one of our precious wishes on a sausage! I wish it was stuck to the end of your nose.”

Immediately there was another “Tring!”, and the sausage flew from the table and attached itself to the end of Max’s nose.

When he next spoke, it sounded as though he had a terrible cold. “Dow looks what you’ve done,” he mumbled. “Try and pull it off.” Elsa tried, but the sausage was well and truly stuck on.

At last, she said, “Let’s ask for all the gold and jewels in the world. Then we could enjoy ourselves.”

“Don’t be silly. How could I enjoy myself wid everybody calling be sausage dose?” replied Max. “Oh, I wish this had never happened.”

“Tring!” The sausage disappeared, and so did their third and final wish. They sat down to their potato soup and argued about whose fault it was. If only they had eaten the sausage when it had first appeared, they would still have had two wishes left.

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The Three Wishes End

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