The Three Little Minion Story

The Three Little Minion Story is an amazing bedtime story. This is a story about Three Kevin, Stuart, and Bob named Minion. One night all three minions listen to bedtime stories.

Three Minions Story

Three little Minions are tucked into bed: Kevin, Stuart, and Bob. Sweet little Bob asks their new boss for a “bedtime porry.”

“Oh yes,” says Scarlet Overkill. She begins to tell them a bedtime story, and they picture it in their round little heads.

“Once upon a time, there was a magical land far, far away from here. And in that magic land, there were three little pigs! “

“One fateful day the pigs encountered a big bad wolf She had a wonderful surprise for them! The wolf offered the three piggies and all their friends a job working for her. Everyone would be so happy! “

All the three piggies had to do was steal a little crown that the beautiful wolf had ever since she was an unloved, abandoned, penniless little street kid. The thought of that crown was the only thing that made this little wolf happy. “

“So the wolf sent the pigs to get that crown!” “But the little pigs weren’t up to the challenge! They failed their mission! “

“So the wolf huffed and puffed. “And blew them off the face of the Earth! The end!”

Good luck getting that crown tomorrow, little piggies! I know you won’t disappoint me. “says Scarlet. The three little Minions fell fast asleep.

Well… Bob did, anyway.

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The Minion Bedtime Story End

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