The Talkative Tortoise Story

The Talkative Tortoise story for kids is a very interesting and funny bedtime story. This story is about two Goose and one Talkative Tortoise. This story is very popular and interesting for kids.

The Talkative Tortoise Summary

The Talkative Tortoise Story is about two very funny Goose and one Talkative Tortoise. In This story, Talkative Tortoise teaches one very good lesson, “Never Much Talk

The Talkative Tortoise Story Begin

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful island with a beautiful seashore. There, all types of animals lived, and one of them was a talkative tortoise. At the center of the island, there was one famous lake where all animals came and satisfied their thirst. All of them felt happy and washed when they reached the lake.

The Tortoise used to crawl and take a small dive in the lake to wash. Moreover, he talked to many birds and other animals while drinking water. He used to befriend two geese. Do you know geese are good listeners? So, they want to listen to as many things as Tortoise spoke. So, the talking tortoise found himself lucky because of these listener friends.

One day, Tortoise dived into the lake and asked his friend, geese, “Hey, buddy, do you know I can keep my shell soft, smooth, and shiny?” 

Geese answered, “Yes, we know.” The Tortoise asked them again, “do you think it’s easy?” 

One goose spontaneously answered, “no. Not at all.”

The Tortoise said he had to wash it with the fresh water and keep it shiny with the softest moss he could find. 

The geese agreed to him and nodded their heads to say, “Quack Quack.” Their friendship continued for a long, and they used to be best friends.

Finally, the time came when geese thought they had to fly for South because the first snow had fallen on the mountain. 

So, one of them said, “it’s about to winter, and we need to fly for feeding grounds.”

The Tortoise listened to them talking and started crying, saying, “please don’t leave me alone, my best friends geese. You can not leave me lonely. Think about who will I play and talk to?” 

Of course, the Tortoise needed someone to look after him. 

But one goose told him, ” it is impossible, and we have to go. But there are sheep and yaks to accompany you.”

The Tortoise started having tears in his eyes and yelling that we also wanted to come and said, “Don’t you think I can come too?” 

The geese told him that he couldn’t fly. So, Tortoise said, “please, my friends, carry me.” 

One goose said, “you know your shell is soft. We can’t carry you.” 

But Tortoise started yelling and pleading with them to keep him with them. The geese saw heavy tears in his eyes.

Therefore, both the geese talked and found a solution. One of them flew to bushes and brought a long stick. 

One goose told the Tortoise, “we can lift both the ends of this stick, and you can bite the middle portion to be carried by your strong jaws.” 

But another goose suggested, “be sure you hold it tight.” Also, both of them warned him, “you mustn’t talk throughout the journey.”

The Tortoise was delighted because his friends agreed to take him and said, “if you can take me, I can keep quiet for seconds, minutes, hours, or even years.” 

Both the geese said to him, “we know how excited you are, but be sure what you don’t forget promised.”

The following day, the weather was clear, and the wind was calm. So, these three decided to take off. Both those geese held the ends of the stick, and the Tortoise bit it from the middle. Both the geese started flapping their wings and struggled for the first flight due to extra weight. With some extra effort, they started getting up to the air and were flying. Also, the Tortoise kept quiet, valued his words, and kept his mouth shut and eyes closed due to fear.

After some time, the Tortoise opened his eyes and looked in the sky above the lake. The Tortoise saw some sheep, yaks, and people there. He got too excited and thrilled and wanted to tell everything he could see to geese and realized that he had to keep quiet.

Within no time, they were flying above the village where there were some houseboats. Some boats were going to market, carrying the vegetables and fruits. As soon as they reached the mountain area, the air was colder. The Tortoise was eagerly waiting to tell everything about this to friends geese. But he knew he had to speak no single word.

Soon after that, geese and Tortoise reached India, leaving the snow and snowfall behind, and dense forests were waiting for them. 

Meanwhile, when they were flying over the village, people looked at them and shouted, “see there! It’s something unbelievable, two geese carrying a tortoise.”

Their shouts annoyed the Tortoise, and he was pissed off and wanted to tell his friends that people should mind their business. However, he loved flying because the air was polishing his shell, and the forests looked beautiful. So, he was willing to say many words.

They were crossing a town during sunset where people laughed at them, saying, “have you ever seen a flying turtle? It’s so funny.” 

The Tortoise got angry and thought, “instead of appreciating his cleverness behind flying with best friends, they’re making fun of it.” 

He was eagerly waiting to speak out loud.

Soon after that, the people were making more fun of him, and their laughter and funny words were spreading in the air. 

So, the Tortoise couldn’t hold it tight and spoke, “you all are fools, and so please be quiet to see what happens.”


He realized his mistake late, thinking why did he open his mouth. He couldn’t even say goodbye to his best friend geese. He was falling like a heavy stone.


Thank… Thumb…

He fell to the ground with a considerable impact. He was rolling and bouncing like a ball until he rested. He felt his smooth and soft shell was then cracked. 

Since then, the talking tortoise had decided not to speak anything. So, if you try to talk to it, he isn’t willing to answer. Then, he learned when he should shut his mouth and when to speak.

The Talkative Tortoise Story Conclusion

I hope your children very much love The Talkative Tortoise Story. Really, This story is very funny and Interesting. If your kids love to read more stories then check our Home Page. We write a lot of bedtime stories for your kids.

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