The Strange Egg Story

The Strange Egg is a very popular bedtime short story. This is a tale about a very good dinosaur. Do you want to know more about a kind of dinosaur? Read this full story to get more knowledge about Molly and her dinosaur. This is one of my favorite stories to tell my children.

Once, Molly discovered a strange leathery egg within the swamp. She put it beneath Mrs. Warm, the broody hen, to hatch it out. It hatched out right into the form of a dragon. Her father said, “That is no ordinary dragon. It is a dinosaur.”

“What’s a dinosaur?” Asked Molly.

“Well,” said her father, “A very long time in the past there have been a whole lot of dinosaurs. They had been all big lizards. A few of them had been larger than homes. All of them died long ago. All besides this one,” he added gloomily. “I hope it’s not one of many larger meat-eating lizards as then it would develop as much as fear the sheep.”

The dinosaur followed Mrs. Warm about. She scratched worms for it, however, the dinosaur appreciated plants better. “Ah,” said Molly’s father. “It’s a plant-eating dinosaur. One of many milder kinds. They’re silly but good-natured,” he added.

Professors of all ages got here from near and far to see Molly’s dinosaur. She led it around on a string. Every day she wanted an extended piece of string. The dinosaur grew as big as ten elephants. It ate all of the flowers within the backyard, and Molly’s mom got cross.

“I’m tired of having no backyard and I’m tired of making tea for all of the professors, ” she said. “Let’s send the dinosaur to the zoo.”

“No,” said Father. “The place would not be identical without it.” So the dinosaur stayed. Mrs. Warm used to perch on it every evening. She had by no means earlier than hatched such a grand, profitable egg

At some point, it started to rain. It rained and rained and rained and rained so heavily that the water within the river was quickly so deep it overflowed. “A flood, a flood-we will drown,” screamed Molly’s mom. “Hush, pricey,” said Molly’s father. “We are going to experience to a secure place on Molly’s dinosaur. Whistle to it, Molly.”

Molly whistled and the dinosaur got here towards her with Mrs. Warm the hen, wet and depressing, on its again. Molly and her father and mother climbed onto the dinosaurs again together with her. They held an umbrella over themselves and had warm drinks out of a thermos flask. As soon as they left the home, the home was swept away by the flood.

“Well, pricey, there you’re,” said Molly’s father. “You see it was helpful to have a dinosaur, in spite of everything. And I’m now in a position to let you know that that is the largest type of dinosaur and its title is Diplodocus.” Molly was happy to think her pet had such a long, dignified-sounding title. It matched it effectively.

As they went alongside, they rescued a whole lot of different people climbing bushes and housetops and floating on rooster crates and fruit packing containers. They rescued cats and canines, two horses, and an elephant that was floating away from a circus. The dinosaur paddled on cheerfully. By the point they got here in sight of dry land, it again was fairly crowded. On the land, police officers had been getting boats able to go in search of people, however, all of the individuals were secure on the dinosaurs again.

After the flood went down and every part was appropriate, a wonderful medal was awarded to Molly’s dinosaur as Most Heroic Animal of the Year, and lots of presents got to it. The biggest present of all was an excellent large swimming pool made from rubber so it might be blown up. It was so large it took one man almost a year to blow it up. It was a very good dimension for dinosaurs of the Diplodocus kind. And It lived within the swimming pool after that (and Molly’s mother was in a position to develop her flowers once more). It’s well-known that diplodocuses wish to swim and paddle. It took the burden off its feet.

Mrs. Warm the hen used to swim with it a bit, and it is not very often you find a swimming hen. So, you see this story has a happy ending after all, which is not easy with a pet as big as ten elephants. And just to end the story I must tell you that though Molly’s dinosaur had the long name of Diplodocus, Molly always called it Rosie.

End of the Story The Strange Egg

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