The Sick Body

The Sick Body|Akbar and Birbal

The Sick Body is an amazing bedtime story for kids

Once, Birbal fell ill and so did not come to the court for about a week. The Emperor missed him very much.

One day, he thought of visiting Birbal and inquired about his health. So, he himself went to Birbal’s place. Birbal was very happy to see the Emperor.

However, he had become very weak owing to fever. The Emperor thought of finding out whether his brainpower had also weakened due to the sickness.

When Birbal got up to have some water, Emperor stealthily placed four pieces of paper under the four legs of his bed.

When Birbal returned and lay on the bed, he became aware of some change. He looked here and there to find out what it was.

Meanwhile, the Emperor was chatting with him on purpose; Birbal was also talking to him. But he could not be very attentive.

Finally, the Emperor could not resist and asked Birbal the cause of his diverted attention. Then Birbal replied, “Suddenly, I have realized that some change has occurred in this bed.”

The Emperor was astonished by hearing Birbal. “What change?” He asked.

“It appears as if either the house has sunk down to a height of a paper or else my bed has risen to a height of the paper!”

The Emperor understood that Birbal’s sickness had not at all affected his brain. But still, acting as if he had understood nothing, the Emperor asked, “One often feels like this during sickness though nothing has happened!” Birbal said, “Maharaj! I don’t approve of what you say. Though I am sick physically, I am not mentally ill. My brain is still working properly and so I can think clearly. I won’t go wrong!”

The Emperor smiled at Birbal and told him what he had done.

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