The Rescuers Downunder: Adventure in Outback

The Rescuers Downunder story is a very popular and very interesting Disney bedtime story for little kids. This is a story about one little boy Cody and his little and cute creature friends. Read the full story to know more about how code saves creature’s lives and How all creatures love Cody.

Rescuers down under

Deep in the Australian outback, there lived a young boy named Cody. He was friendly with all the animals, and they counted on him when they were in trouble.

One day, Cody found a magnificent golden eagle named Marahute. Unfortunately, the bird had gotten tangled in a net. Cody began to cut through the ropes with his pocketknife, and before long, Marahute was free! The eagle gave Cody one of her beautiful golden feathers to show how grateful she was.

While Cody was walking home, the ground suddenly gave way below him. He had fallen into a poacher’s trap!

He looked up and saw a tall man peering down at him. It was the greedy Percival MeLeach, who captured wild animals and sold them. McLeach was going to let him go, but then he saw the feather. He decided to hold Cody captive until the boy led him to Marahute. The golden eagle was a very rare bird that he could sell for a lot of money.

Luckily, a mouse saw the whole thing and immediately contacted the Rescue Aid Society in New York City. The R..A.S. was an organization of brave mice who helped those in trouble. But there were only two mice courageous enough for this mission: Bernard and Miss Bianca.

Although a blizzard raged in New York, the two mice made their way to the airport. When they arrived, they told their friend Wilbur the albatross that they had to get to Australia-and fast!

At first, Wilbur was reluctant to make the trip. “Have you looked outside?” he asked. “I’m afraid your jolly little holiday will have to wait.”

But when Miss Bianca told him about Cody’s kidnapping, Wilbur quickly changed his mind. “Nobody takes away a kid’s freedom while I’m around!” he declared. The mice got onto Wilhur’s hack and took off. They had made many daring rescues before, but they had never traveled this far from home.

When they arrived in Australia, Bernard and Miss Blanca surveyed the barren landscape. Which way should they go to find Cody?

Luckily, a rugged kangaroo mouse named Jake showed up. “So, which way are you taking-Suicide Trail through Nightmare Canyon or the shortcut at Satan’s Ridge?”

Bernard gulped nervously and looked at his map. the places Jake had mentioned were on it.

“A map’s no good in the outback,” said Jake. “What you really need is someone who knows the territory.”

Since no one knew the outback better than Jake, he became their guide. He began by rounding up their first ride-a a flying squirrel!

Then Jake lassoed a giant python, who carried them on the next leg of their journey. By night, the three mice traveled on the hacks of lightning bugs.

Meanwhile, McLeach tried to get Cody to reveal the location of Marahute’s nest. He wanted the golden eagle and her eggs. When Cody refused, McLeach locked him in a cage. But the boy still wouldn’t talk to the poacher.

By the time Miss Bianca, Bernard, and Jake reached McLeach’s hideout, the poacher was shoving Cody outside. “Get out of here!” McLeach yelled. “Your bird is dead. Someone shot her.”

“Noooo!” cried Cody. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“I heard it on the radio this morning,” said McLeach. “And she could’ve been mine if it weren’t for you.” The poacher’s eyes gleamed with evil. “Too bad about those eggs. They’ll never survive without their mother.”

Cody didn’t know that McLeach was lying to get him to go straight to the nest.

Cody ran as fast as his legs would carry him. He had to save Marahute’s eggs! The mice watched as McLeach started his big truck, a bushwhacker, and prepared to follow Cody.

Quickly, the mice scooted under the truck. It rumbled along to a high cliff at the edge of a canyon.

McLeach stopped the truck.

The mice looked up and saw Cody climbing to the eagle’s nest. They hurried after him as quickly as they could

“You’re in great danger!” Miss Bianca told Cody when she, Bernard, and Jake caught up to him.

But a squawk echoed through the canyon and drowned out her warning. “Maruhute!” cried Cody, He was thrilled and relieved to find that the golden eagle was actually alive.

“Cody, please!” begged Miss Bianca. “You must listen.”

“McLeach is on the cliff!” Bernard explained. Suddenly, Cody understood what the mice had been trying to tell him. McLeach had tricked him, and now Marahute was in danger.

“Marahute, turn back!” cried Cody. But it was too late. McLeach had attached a net to the bushwhacker’s crane and used it to catch the eagle.

Cody was determined to save Marahute, though. He jumped off the cliff and grabbed ahold of the net.

Quickly, Jake lassoed the boy’s foot. He and Bianca held on to the rope and were carried along with Cody as the crane moved.

Bernard did not reach the rope in time. “Bianca!” he shouted. He watched as she was lowered into the cage of the bushwhacker along with Cody, Marahute, and Jake.

When McLeach dumped his prisoners into the bushwhacker’s cage, he was surprised to see that he had captured more than just the eagle. “You’re in big trouble,” Cody warned. “I’ll tell the Rangers where you are!” McLeach, however, had no plans to let the boy go.

As soon as Bernard had made sure Marahute’s eggs were safe, he began to chase the truck. He saw a wild boar and bravely climbed onto its head. The boar began running through the outback.

At last, Bernard spotted the bushwhacker near Croc Falls. McLeach had tied up Cody and was dangling him over the river from a crane. Hungry crocodiles waited in the water below! Snap! Snap! Snap! Their jaws opened and closed as they waited to be fed.

“Now, this is my idea of fun,” McLeach said as he got ready to lower Cody into the water. Suddenly, the bushwhacker’s engine went dead. Bernard had stolen the keys! The crane stopped moving, but Cody was still hanging from it.

“Look, it’s Bernard!” Miss Bianca cried from inside the cage. “Way to go, mate!” cheered Jake. Bernard threw the keys to them. But now poor Bernard had a bigger, slimier problem.

McLeach had brought a lizard with him, ànd it had spotted Bernard. It began to chase the little mouse around at full speed. But Bernard had an idea. “Oh, my gosh, I hope I know what I’m doing!” he cried. Then he headed straight for McLeach and jumped out of the way at the last second.

Smack! The lizard collided with the poacher, and both of them fell into the river.

Just then, the rope that held Cody snapped. Still tied up, he splashed into the water.

“Bernard!” cried Miss Bianca. “The boy!” Bernard spotted Cody and leaped into the water, but the current was too strong. It pulled them-and McLeach-toward a waterfall.

McLeach and the lizard went over the edge of the thundering falls. Bernard and Cody were close behind. Soon they were carried over the falls, too!

Then, all of a sudden, they were going up, not down! They found themselves on Marahute’s back, along with Miss Bianca and Jake. The eagle had swooped down and saved them! They were safe!

Cody hugged the great eagle, and Miss Bianca hugged Bernard. It had been another great adventure and another amazing rescue!

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The Rescuers Downunder Story Conclusion

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