The Real Princess Story

The Real Princess Story is about a prince who travels far and far to find the Real Princess to marry. He visits many villages but he is unable to find a good princess for himself.

Further in this story, one day a princess comes to the prince’s house and she calls herself a real princess. The prince is very surprised to know this and he tests her and later he realizes that she is the real princess and later he marries her and lives his life happily.

The Real Princess Story

The Real Princess Story begin

Once upon a time, there lived a prince. He always wished to marry the best Princess, but his Princess must be the real Princess. So, he traveled the world and different places, searching for his actual Princess. 

However, most of the girls he met were not according to his type, and he always found something in them that he never wished for. So, he found several princesses with something wrong with them. Of course, he believed there wasn’t any short of princesses, and he could have chosen any of them to make his partner.

Still, the Prince found himself consistently dissatisfied with his inability to find an actual princess for him. Therefore, after a long journey, he decided to return to his place and return home.

The Prince believed it hurt his spirit and ego to find a real princess. Day-by-day, the Prince was passing his time thinking what could be done to find a better half for him. So, the Prince used to be upset most of the time.

Later, when the old queen found his son depressed and upset, she used to keep thinking about how she could find a real princess for her son. Of course, she wanted to see his son happy and delightful. So, she tried different ways, and one worked for her son.

On one fine evening, there were thunderstorms and lightning strikes around his place. Due to the terrible thunderstorm, there was heavy rainfall too. Meanwhile, someone knocked on the door, and the old queen was there to open it.

The old queen saw a beautiful princess standing over there. She was completely wet due to heavy rain and bearing the lousy weather. The old queen saw dripping water from her hair and clothes. She was shivering in cold weather, and the water dripping from her hair and clothes reached to his heels.

However, the Princess spoke, “I’m the real princess.” 

The old queen thought, “Well, let us decide that later, and we certainly will.” 

But the old queen didn’t speak a single word and went to a spare room.

There, she removed all the bedding and laid one pea on the sacking of the bedsheet. Can you imagine kids? Why did she do it? 

The old queen put almost twenty-five bedsheets and twenty-five mattresses and laid them on that one pea. She made the bed and suggested the princess rest on the bed.

The Princess was too tired and cold because of getting wet in the heavy rain. So, she immediately ran towards the bed and rested on it. Within no time, the Princess fell asleep, and she spent the whole night on that bed. But what? Princess wasn’t able to sleep properly because of something inside the mattress. She was first scared, thinking what had happened, but then she was courageous to inspect.

Princess checked everything, but there was nothing findable, and she wasn’t interested in removing all mattresses and bedsheets to check what was hurting and creating discomfort. She tried turning both sides and finding a better corner to sleep in, but she found nothing. Yes, Princess couldn’t sleep well because of her habit of sleeping on a too smooth and soft bed. Whenever she moved her body or took a turn, she felt that something created discomfort for her. So, the Princess couldn’t sleep properly, even though she was too tired and shivering from the cold.

Later in the morning, the queen asked her about her sleep, “How well did you sleep last night?”

The Princess was in shock, and she immediately replied to the old queen, “Oh, the last night was most shockingly. I was so scared and didn’t even know what was inside my bed, but I felt like there was something and I couldn’t even close my eyes fearlessly.” The Princess continues speaking, “Yesterday night, I thought there was some hard material that I felt spoiled my sleep.”

So, it was something that hurt the Princess the whole night, and she couldn’t sleep. The reason is that princesses are habited of sleeping on too soft beds and comfortable bedsheets. 

So, she couldn’t even manage the negligible portion of the problematic area created by that small pea. Of course, the pea was not even in shape to point out after many mattresses and bedsheets laid on it. 

So, it was proof that she was an actual princess because she could find the bedsheets had something hard trapped in them. It all happens when a real princess sleeps on the mattresses with a hard substance like a tiny pea under it.

The Prince was delighted knowing she was a real princess. So, when the Prince believed he had found the real Princess, he approached her and proposed that he wanted to marry her. She was like a blessing for him because she agreed to his proposal, and both got married.

Can you believe how a tiny pea was helpful to the Princess find his real Princess?

They lived happily, but once some people, who knew the Prince wanted a real princess, wondered if she was a real princess or not, they thought that the Prince had comprised his decision to marry a good-looking young girl.

So, this way, the Prince found his real Princess without thinking he could have found someone better because she was his real Princess. After some time, the Prince was thinking about the value and the importance of one single tiny pea. It was blessing for him because that little pea gave him his real Princess.

Moreover, the Prince thought, “What if mom (old queen) didn’t put that pea on the bed before letting my princess sleep on that? I could have never met my real Princess. My mom is the best queen in the world.” 

This way, the Prince was so delighted because a single pea was the thing that helped him find a real princess. What do you kids think about this story? Why could Prince find the Real Princess? Did God send her to him?

The Real Princess Story Conclusion

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