The Quails And The Hunter – An Amazing Short Moral Story

This is a tale about a flock of quails and the Hunter. The Quails lived happily in the leafy hedgerows and woods That is, until one day when a hunter came along. Do you want to know what happened? Let’s see if we can find out!

The hunter was a clever man, who made his living from catching quails. He would hide behind a hedgerow and imitate the quails call, and they would answer him. When a good number of birds had gathered together nearby, he would throw a net over them to catch them. Then, he would take some home to his wife to cook and sell the rest at the market for a good price.

The quails were led by a wise old bird called Tutt Tutt, who decided that something had to be done about the hunter. He realized that to protect his flock he would have to outsmart the hunter, so he devised a plan. One morning he called the quails together. “Every day the hunter lures more of us into his trap. Soon all of us will die. We must do something to protect ourselves. I have a plan. If we work together, we can escape him and his wicked net. The next time the hunter catches any of us, we must all fly up together from the ground when I give the call. That way, we’ll be able to lift the net and get away. But for this plan to work, we must all co-operate.” Everyone agreed that this was a great plan.

That very afternoon the hunter returned, hid by the hedgerow, and imitated the quail’s call. Once again . the birds fell for his trick, and he threw his net over them, as always. But this time, they knew what to do! As soon as they heard Tutt Tutt’s signal, they all flapped their wings as hard as they could until they rose up into the air. The plan had worked! Their combined strength had lifted the net, which they then dropped into a large, prickly thorn bush.

“The hunter didn’t catch one quail that day. Each time he tried to capture the birds, they escaped and he ended up spending hours getting scratched and pricked while retrieving his net. When, finally, he gave up and went home, his wife was furious to see him arrive empty-handed. Where are the quails for our dinner ?” she snapped.

“Those birds outwitted me today they worked together as a team,” he replied angrily. “But they won’t co-operate with each other for long. They’re quarrelsome creatures and they’ll soon fall out. Then they won’t be able to lift my net anymore. That’s when I’ll catch them!”

Sure enough, one day soon, when the quails were singing in the hedgerow, one of them accidentally sat on his neighbor’s head and a big squabble broke out. Tutt Tutt begged them to resolve their dispute, but they wouldn’t listen.

Suddenly he saw the hunter ready to pounce! Tutt Tutt realized that if the birds couldn’t work together, then they would have to escape before the hunter cast his net. He told the flock to fly at once! Most of them rose immediately, but the quarrelsome quails were left behind – and were promptly caught. Tutt Tutt’s flock continued to work as a team, outwitting the hunter so often that eventually he gave up trying to catch them.

Moral of the story

It can be tempting to go our own way rather than to work together with others. A wise person knows that they can achieve much more as part of a team than on their own.


End of story The Quails and the Hunter

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