The Princesses and the Kingshuk Tree Story

This tale is about four princesses who lived in a grand palace in a distant land and Kingshuk tree. But this was no ordinary tree- it was a magic tree. Do you want to know why? Let’s find out!

Now.. the young princesses had been well educated about everything in their own land- especially about all the animals, flowers, and trees that could be found there. They even had a zoo in the palace, with exotic birds and animals from all over the world. So the princesses were very surprised one day to hear the gardener mention a special tree in the palace grounds, known as the Kingshuk tree, as none of them had ever come across it. They went to find the gardener and asked him to take them to see this wonderful tree.

“It would be my pleasure, your. Highnesses!” said the gardener. “But the Kingshuk Tree is a magic tree: people can only see it on their birthday. The rest of the time it is invisible. So I will only take one of you at a time. And you will each have to wait until your birthday.”

The princesses agreed and decided to send the elder sister first.

And so it was that on the eldest princess’s birthday, a bright spring morning, the gardener and the girl set out to find the Kingshuk Tree. After walking for a while, they came to the edge of the royal forest where the gardener said that it grew. The princess saw a tall, willowy tree standing apart, but the gardener could see nothing, so she knew that this was indeed the magical Kingshuk. She stood entranced by the beautiful tree: its small green leaves were unfurling like sparkling emeralds and the princess was filled with its joyful energy. As they left, the gardener asked her not to talk about what had happened so that she wouldn’t spoil the tree’s magic for her sisters.

As spring rolled into summer, the second eldest princess celebrated her birthday and the gardener took her to find the Kingshuk Tree. She gasped when she saw it, for it was an explosion of deep-red blossoms, glowing like rubies. The princess swooned as she smelled the heavenly perfume of the magic flowers, which filled her with a great sense of happiness. The gardener asked her, too, not to discuss the tree until all the girls had seen it.

Now the hot summer days turned to autumn. The gardener brought the third princess to see the Kingshuk Tree on her birthday. Her eyes widened when she saw its boughs crammed with luscious purple fruits, which hung from the tree-like giant amethysts. The gardener asked her, like her sisters, not to talk about the tree until all four princesses had seen it.

Finally, as winter chased the last autumn leaves from the trees, the birthday of the fourth and youngest princess arrived. Now the gardener took her, too, to visit the Kingshuk Tree. She told to the gardener to take her in the moonlight. She felt as if the mystical tree was wrapping her in its warmth and magic.

The day after the youngest princess’s visit, the four girls went to thank the gardener for taking them all to see the magical Kingshuk Tree. Relieved that they could discuss it among themselves, at last, the eldest princess said, “I will never forget that beautiful tree with its tiny leaves shimmering like emeralds in the afternoon sun.”

“But, sister, you must be mistaken!” cried the second oldest Princess. “The Kingshuk Tree was covered in huge ruby-red blossoms and its heady perfume filled me with great feelings of happiness.”

“Oh no, sisters, you are both quite wrong,” insisted the third Princess. “The Kingshuk Treewasheavywithluscious purple fruits, which sparkled like giant amethysts.”

“Well, sisters, I think you must have seen different trees!” cried the youngest princess. “The Kingshuk’s branches were covered in threads of glittering dew that enchanted me with their magic. They simply wondered if they had seen four different trees.

The gardener laughed. “Your Highnesses,” he said calmly, “you have indeed each seen the same Kingshuk Tree and experienced its magic. Each of you Princesses visited the Kingshuk tree in different seasons that’s why it looks different. To truly appreciate the tree, you need to visit in all the seasons which is, of course, impossible because of its invisibility!”

The princesses laughed. They had forgotten that each of their birthdays fell in a different part of the year and that the tree changed with the seasons. No wonder it had looked different on each visit!

The girls also realized that the only way they would be able to discover more about the magical Kingshuk Tree was by listening to and learning from each other and anyone else who’d been lucky enough to see it.

Moral of The Story

What we first see may not always give us the whole picture. A wise person knows that to discover the truth about anything, they must learn from other people’s insights as well as their own.

End of The Princesses and Kingshuk Tree Story

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