The princess and the pea story

The princess and the pea story is a very interesting and enjoyable bedtime story for children. This is a story about one very handsome prince who wants to marry a beautiful girl in the world. How he finds a good girl for him. Read full The princess and the pea story to know.

Long ago, there was a land where the mountains were capped with snow, the pastures were rich and green and the people were happy. In this land there lived a prince who was so handsome, so friendly and so kind that every girl in the land fell in love with him. But the prince was so fussy that he only wanted to marry a princess, a real princess.

He traveled far and wide looking for his ideal princess, but there was always something wrong. Either they were too tall for him, or too short, or they were too grumpy and never smiled. After many months of searching, the prince came home and said to the king and queen, “It’s no good, I can’t find a princess I like enough to marry. I shall have to live alone to the end of my days.”

A week later, the royal palace was in the grip of a ferocious blizzard. Snow beat against the windows and whistled into every crack it could find. In the middle of the night there came a timid knock at the door.

The king got out of bed. “Who can that be on a night like this?” he asked. He went downstairs and shuffled across the hall. Yawning, he opened the door a little, and in the light that spilled out into the night, he saw a girl. She was shivering with cold and half covered in snow.

“You poor dear,” said the king. “Come on in and warm yourself by the fire.”

“Th-th-thank you,” said the girl, hardly able to keep her teeth from chattering. She went and sat by the palace fire, whilst the king warmed up some milk for her. By this time the queen and the prince had also joined them.

“I was looking for the palace, but it was much further than I thought,” said the girl, whom the prince thought quite pretty. “You see, I’m a princess.” The prince’s eyes widened, and his heart beat faster.

The queen knew exactly what her son was thinking, but she thought the girl was probably only pretending to be a princess. She asked her to stay the night so that she could set a trap for her.

While the girl was having a good splash in a hot bath, the queen went to prepare her bedroom. First, she placed a dried pea under the mattress of the bed. Then she sent two maids to all the other bedrooms in the palace to find extra mattresses and eiderdowns. Altogether they collected twenty of each. They piled them up on top of each other: first the mattresses, then the eiderdowns – until they almost reached the ceiling.

When the girl was ready for bed, she had to climb a long ladder to get into it.

“Nightie-night,” said the queen. Then she added in a low voice, “In the morning we shall know whether or not you are a real princess.”

The next morning at breakfast, the queen asked the girl if she had slept well.

“You have been very kind to me,” she replied, a little uneasily. “I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I couldn’t sleep a wink because I could feel something small and hard in my bed.” Seeing the king, the queen, and the prince smiling broadly at each other, the girl added crossly, “Well I don’t know why you’re all so happy I’m as bruised as an old apple now.”

“We’re smiling because in order to feel something as small as a pea through all those soft layers you must be a real princess,” said the prince. “Err. will you marry me?”

The girl’s frown turned into a huge grin, and she threw herself into the prince’s arms.

The prince and princess lived happily together for many years. They had seven children, who were all given names that began with a “P” because that’s how their love had begun with a pea.

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The princess and the pea story Conclusion

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