The Priceless Diamond

The Priceless Diamond|Akbar and Birbal

The Priceless Diamond is Bedtime story of Akbar and Birbal

An old jeweler was very good at cutting and polishing diamonds. But, because of his old age, he couldn’t work much. One day, he came to Birbal and said, “Please help me, sir!”

Birbal listened to him quietly. Then he gave him a sugar crystal and said,” You cut this sugar crystal in such a way that it should look just like a diamond. If you will do this, I will see that you earn a lot of money.”

After some days, the jeweler came back to Birbal and showed him the sugar crystal. The old craftsman had superbly cut and polished it so that it appeared to be a real diamond.

Birbal was very pleased with his craftsmanship and said “You have done a good job. Come with me to the Emperor Akbar’s court !!”

Then Birbal took him to the Emperor and showing him the sugar diamond said, “This man has brought this excellent diamond to show you. Who else can appreciate its craftsmanship and decide it’s worth other than you, Your Majesty?”

The Emperor kept that diamond with him. As he was having his beard shaved at that time, he placed it in his pocket. After the shaving, the Emperor went to take a bath. While bathing, he totally forgot about the diamond and the sugar diamond was dissolved in the water.

Afterward, while dressing up, the Emperor suddenly remembered the diamond. But where could it be found now? He ordered his guards to look for it everywhere in the palace. But it was of no use!

When the craftsman came to the court the Emperor asked him the real cost of the diamond. Then, the craftsman told according to what Birbal had asked him to say. He said, “Your Majesty, that diamond was very precious. I was working on it for three long years. I should at least get ten thousand gold coins for it. Then only, my hard work will be of some worth! “Ten thousand?” No, no, this is too much! The emperor exclaimed.

The craftsman replied, “Maharaj! I am telling you its real price. If you cannot pay it, you may return the diamond back to me. I will sell it somewhere else!”

Now, the Emperor could say nothing. After all, from where could he bring it back? He ordered his treasurer to give the craftsman ten thousand gold coins!

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