The North Wind and the Sun Story

The North Wind and the Sun Story is a very interesting and enjoyable bedtime story for kids. This story about one sun and one Wind. One day, the sun and wind competed with each other, who first removes the clothes of a person who walks on the road. Read the full North Wind and the Sun Story to know who won.

The North Wind and the Sun Story

The North Wind and the Sun once had a quarrel about who was the stronger.” I am stronger than you,” said the North Wind. “I can blow down trees and whip up great waves on the sea.”

“I am stronger than you,” said the Sun. “

I can make flowers open and turn fields of wheat from green to gold.”

And so they argued back and forth, day after day. The East Wind and the Moon became very cross with them both and suggested that they have a competition to decide once and for all who was the strongest. A man was walking down the path and he was wearing a big overcoat.

“Whichever one of you can first get that man to take off his coat is the strongest,” said the Moon.

And the East Wind said, “And then we will have no more quarrels!”

So the North Wind and the Sun agreed to the competition. The North Wind began. He blew and blew, the coldest bitter wind he could manage.

The great overcoat flapped around the man’s legs as he struggled against the wind, but he only pulled the coat closer around his neck to keep out the bitter cold.

Then it was the Sun’s turn. She rose high in the sky and shone down on the man in the great overcoat. Warmer and warmer she shone until the man unbuttoned the coat.

Still, the Sun beamed down, and finally, the man flung off the coat, sweat pouring down his face. The Sun had won! The North Wind blew off in a great huff, but he did not dare continue his quarrel with the Sun.

So today, when the fierce North Wind blows, you have to remember that he is still very cross!

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he North Wind and the Sun Story Conclusion

I hope your children are very enjoying the North Wind and the Sun story. It is a very old and popular bedtime story for kids. If you want to tell more moral stories to your kids then please check our website Home Page. We create one Moral Bedtime Story Book. It makes your children’s night beautiful.

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