The Mischievous Monkey – An amazing Moral Story for Kids

This tale is about a mischievous monkey who liked to play tricks on an old buffalo. That is, until one day when he learned a very important lesson. Would you like to know what this was? Let’s find out!

The naughty little mischievous monkey and the kind-hearted old buffalo lived in an ancient forest next to a great grassland. Every day, when the sun was at its highest in the cloudless sky and it got really, really hot, the old buffalo would wander to the edge of the forest and rest in the cool shade of the trees. There, he would doze until the late afternoon. And then, when the heat was not so fierce, he would go out to graze with his herd on the grassland.

As for the mischievous monkey, his home was in the branches of a great tree. And every day, as the other monkeys sat grooming each other and chatting, mischievous monkeys liked to wait for the old buffalo to doze off below.

“Hee hee! I think I’ll have some fun,” he would say gleefully, clapping his little hands.

One day, the mischievous monkey waited until he was certain that the buffalo was sound asleep. Then, he swung down and, hanging on to a branch by his tail just above the old buffalo’s head, he screeched: “Grooawww!”

The poor buffalo got such a fright. He jumped to his feet and looked around but couldn’t see anyone. “What was that?” he muttered. “Hee, hee, hee… got you!” laughed the little monkey, as he threw leaves and nuts down on the old buffalo. Then, he scampered off into the trees, howling with laughter.

The buffalo sighed, shook his head, and wandered off. “That little fellow gets naughtier by the day.” he thought to himself and went in search of a quieter place.

Soon he found himself another inviting patch of shade and settled down to finish his afternoon nap. “What a lovely spot!” he said before drifting off to sleep, unaware that he had been followed by his cheeky little “friend”.

The monkey had swung over the treetops and once again sat in the branches, just above the old buffalo, listening carefully. As soon as he heard him start to snore, he crept silently down from the tree and along the ground through the grass to pull the buffalo’s tail. “Ow! Ow!” yelped the startled old buffalo. He got to his feet and was about to leave when he heard laughter.

“Hee, hee, hee again!” laughed the naughty monkey as he swung up into the tree. Before he disappeared, he looked back and stuck out his tongue at the old buffalo.

“Oh, dear … it looks like I’m not going to get any rest today,” lamented the weary old animal.

“You’re a big strong buffalo and you have sharp horns, so why do you let that mischievous monkey bother you all the time?” asked a squeaky little voice.

“What? Who said that? Oh, I’m so tired that I must be hearing voices!” said the buffalo to no one in particular.

“Hey, over here!” called the voice.

Looking around again the buffalo spotted the source of the comment – a smiling little got you … snail with a shimmering brown shell, who was sitting on a rock near the tree.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Snail, I didn’t see you there,” said the old buffalo.

“That’s all right,” chirped Mr. Snail, “I’m small and not easy to spot. But you’re big and strong. Why don’t you put a stop to that little monkey’s bad behavior?”

“I don’t like bothering or hurting anyone,” replied the buffalo, “not even a tricky little monkey who shows me no respect.” The kind-hearted buffalo then bowed to the snail and said, “Thank you for your concern Mr. Snail, but please don’t worry about me.” And he turned to wander back toward the grassland and find his herd.

Later that afternoon, alone buffalo came to the edge of the forest. He had a very bad temper and because of this all the other buffaloes usually avoided him. He had been walking for many hours and was very tired, so he settled down for a rest at the foot of a tree and fell asleep.

The mischievous monkey was just finishing a rather large banana when he looked down from his branch high up in the tree and noticed the sleeping buffalo. “Oh, he’s back, is he? Time for some more mischief!” the monkey chuckled to himself, not noticing that this was a different buffalo.

So, he swung down from branch to branch and somersaulted through the air onto the sleeping buffalo’s back. The lone buffalo roared and shot to his feet. “What do you think you’re doing?” he growled, as he threw the little monkey off his back with all his might.

“Ouch!” cried the monkey, as he hit the ground with a thud. Shocked, he realized that it was the wrong buffalo. And now he was in big trouble because the angry buffalo was about to charge at him. The monkey froze with fear.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, the kind old buffalo appeared, warded off the furious beast, and gently scooped the little monkey to safety! The wild buffalo stamped his foot, snorted, and trotted off unhappily.

“Oh, thank you!” cried the little monkey gratefully to the old buffalo, “But I’ve been so mean to you. Why did you take the trouble to save me?” “It was nothing,” replied the wise old buffalo modestly, “I just try to treat everyone as I’d like to be treated myself.” And with that, he trundled off to have a rest in another lovely patch of shade he’d spotted.

Moral of The Mischievous Monkey Story

Often, we don’t give enough thought to our behavior. A wise person acts with respect and sympathy toward all beings, treating them the same way they’d like to be treated themselves.

End of This Amazing Moral Story

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