The miller His Son and Their Donkey

The miller his son and their donkey story are a very moral and teach story for kids. In this story, one day one Miller and His son went to the market to sell their donkey. Read the full story to know, How do the miller and his child make mistakes by misleading people.

miller, his son and their donkey

One day, a miller and his son were taking their donkey to sell at a market in a neighboring town. On the way, they met a group of young girls. “Look!” said one of them, pointing. “Fancy trudging along this dusty road when one of them could be riding on the donkey. How silly!”

The miller was a kind man, so he said to his son, “That’s a good idea. You have a ride. Up you get. And he helped his son on to the donkey.

They carried on with their journey, and after a while, they came across three old men. “Hey, miller!” shouted one. “That son of yours is a real lazy-bones. He’s the one who should be walking, not you.”

“Hmm, perhaps they are right,” said the miller, and changed places with his son.

They traveled a bit further, and then they met a small crowd of women and children. One of the women pointed at them and said, “You selfish old man! Why don’t you let the poor boy ride, too?”

“She’s got a point, there,” said the miller, and he lifted up his son. They carried on with their journey, both riding the donkey.

They had almost reached the town, when a man coming the other way asked, “Is that your donkey?”

“Yes, it is,” answered the miller. “We’re taking him to sell at the market. Why do you ask?”

“Well, the poor old beast will soon be worn out, carrying you two,” said the man, stroking the donkey’s nose. “Who’ll want to buy him then? Surely it would be much better if you carried the donkey.”

The miller and his son looked at each other.

“That’s a very good idea,” said the miller, and with the help of a strong pole and some rope, they carried the donkey into town.

The people of the town had never seen anything so funny before.

“Just look at that!” said one man. “They’re trying to carry a donkey!” They all laughed until tears rolled down their cheeks.

Now, the donkey didn’t mind being carried, but he hated being laughed at. So he kicked and struggled at the rope until it broke with a “Snap!”. Then he galloped out of the town and was never seen again.

The miller and his son walked sadly home. “I shouldn’t have tried to please so many people,” he said with a sigh. “I ended up pleasing no one. It looks like I’m the donkey now.”

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The miller, His Son, and Their Donkey

The miller, His Son, and Their Donkey are a very moralistic and great bedtime story for your toddler. I hope your children teach a very good lesson from this story. This is a very popular and old story. If you want to tell more stories to your toddler then check the Amazing Story Home page.

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