The Lost Mice Story

The Lost Mice Story is a very joyful story of Cindrella named princess mouses. One day all Mouse lost her friend cinderella. Read the full story to know more How did Cinderella get her all mice back.

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One clear winter night, the Prince led Cinderella out to the balcony. 

Prince said, “I have a surprise for you,” Inside the box was a beautiful new coat.  

Cinderella exclaimed, “Oh, it’s simply lovely!” “Thank you!” 

It was a pretty and thoughtful gift.  The coat would keep her warm during the cold weather.

The next morning, the princess showed her coat to Suzy, one of her mouse friends.  

Cinderella remarked, “Isn’t the Prince thoughtful?”

Mouse Suzy exclaimed, “Nice – a!  Nice – a!” The coat sleeve felt warm and cosy – especially compared to where the mice lived.

A few minutes later, Mouses Jaq and Gus went into Cinderella’s room. It had been a chilly night in the attic, and the mice were still shivering.  

Jaq called, “Cinderelly! Cinderelly!” 

He knew that if he told the princess how cold the attic was, she would do something about it.  But she was rushing off to get dressed for a tea party, so she didn’t hear her friend.

Jaq sighed. It was too cold for the mice to stay in the attic much longer. Cinderella had always been very kind to the mice, and Jaq was sure she would want them to be warm.  

So he and Gus called the rest of the mice down from the attic.  They sat in front of a blazing fire in Cinderella’s room.  

Before long, their cold paws and tails had warmed up, and their teeth stopped chattering.  They’d wait there until Cinderella got back.

Soon, the new housekeeper came in to clean the room.  When she saw the mice, she shrieked and shooed them away.  

Housekeeper yelled with anger, “Mice don’t belong in the castle!” “Now get out!”  

The housekeeper didn’t know that the mice were Cinderella’s friends. She chased them with a broom. The frightened mice had no choice but to scramble back up to the cold attic.

“Brrrr.” Gus began to shiver as soon as the mice were safely upstairs.  

The mice really needed the princess’s help!  But how would they be able to speak to Cinderella when they were afraid to set foot downstairs?  

WHAM!  Suddenly, the castle gardener barged through the attic door.  Before the mice knew what was happening, he had trapped them.  

They heard the housekeeper say, “Now take them outside!” “Take them far away so they never return!”

Meanwhile, Cinderella’s tea party had ended and she and the Prince were riding out.  As their horses trotted through the countryside, they saw the castle gardener tending to something in one of the fields.  

The Prince called out, “Hello!” “It’s too cold to be working outside!”

But the gardener did not answer. The Prince called to him again and still got no reply.  

As they rode on, the Prince turned to Cinderella.  

Prince said, “That was odd.” “I can’t believe he didn’t hear me, why wouldn’t he answer?” 

Cinderella suggested, “Perhaps he was lost in thought? “

Cinderella was right.  The gardener had been trying to make a decision. He was about to let the mice go as the housekeeper had ordered.  But he was worried about them.  He knew it was too cold outside.  

Finally, he decided to take the mice to the stables.  

Gardner told the stable workers, “Now don’t tell the housekeeper.” “But these poor mice need a warm place to stay and a bite to eat.”  

The mice were very grateful to their new friends.

The mice nestled together in the barn.  But as night approached, the stables got colder.  Luckily, the horses were very friendly.  They told the mice to snuggle in their manes to keep warm.  

Gus as he drifted off to sleep, “Thassa nice – a.” 

Later that night, back at the castle, Cinderella was starting to worry.  She hadn’t seen the mice since that morning.  Jaq and Gus almost always came by in the evening.  

Cinderella was searching for the mice when she ran into the Prince.  

Prince said, “Why, hello!” “Are you looking for the same person I am?” 

Cinderella replied, “No, I don’t think so,” “I’m looking for the mice! “

Prince said, “Ah,” “Well, I’m looking for our new housekeeper.” “Apparently, she threw the mice out of the castle today!” 

Cinderella cried, “Oh, no!” “Poor dears. They’ll freeze outside!” 

Prince said, “Don’t worry.” “The mice have found a new friend.” 

He told Cinderella about what the gardener had done.

Together, Cinderella and the Prince went to the stables.  They thanked the gardener and the stable workers.  Then they gently woke the mice.  

The mice shouted happily, “Cinderelly! Cinderelly!” 

Cinderella was relieved to see her little friends safe and sound.  Though the stables had been nice, the mice were glad to return to the castle.  

From then Cinderella made sure the mice always had a warm place of their own – in one of the main rooms of the castle. 

A few nights later, Cinderella and the Prince threw a grand ball.  The gardener was the guest of honor.  By then, the housekeeper had been properly introduced to the mice, and all was well.  

As the guests twirled around the dance floor, the mice celebrated with a banquet of their own, warm and cosy at last.

End of the Story of The Lost Mice

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