The Jungle Book 2 Story

The Jungle Book 2 Story is a very cool and beautiful bedtime story for little Toddlers. This is a story about little Mowgli. How Mowgli adjust their life with other jungle creature. Read the full story to know more How other creatures accept Mowgli and live with Mowgli.


Mowgli’s life was very different than it once had been. He had been raised in the jungle by a pack of wolves, a fun-loving bear named Baloo, and a protective panther named Bagheera. Now he lived in a Man-village so that he would be safe from Shere Khan, a tiger who hated him.

Life in the Man-village was difficult for Mowgli. He had a hard time following the rules. He was used to the ways of the jungle, and he missed his animal friends. One day when Baloo came to the village to visit, Mowgli returned to the jungle with him. But Mowgli didn’t realize that his new friends, a girl named Shanti and a young boy named Ranjan, though he had been captured. Bravely, the pair headed into the jungle to rescue him. They soon found some mango peels that they thought Mowgli had left.

The smug and cunning Shere Khan was looking for Mowgli, too. The Man-cub had embarrassed him once, and now the tiger wanted revenge.

Shere Khan spotted Kaa the snake. Like everyone else in the jungle, Kaa was afraid of Shere Khan.

“Where is he?” the tiger demanded.

“Who!” Kaa replied.

“The Man-cub-Mowgli,” said Shere Khan. “I know you know.”

“But I don’t!” insisted Kaa.

Shere Khan grabbed the snake’s throat.

“He’ssss at the sssswamp!” wailed Ka.

Shere Khan narrowed his eyes, trying to figure out if the snake was being truthful. “He’d better be. For your sake,” he replied.

Shere Khan stalked through the jungle. Silently, he parted the reeds in the swamp and gazed around. There was no sign of Mowgli.

“That snake lied to me!” Shere Khan cried. He swiped a paw into the water in frustration.

Just then, a voice above him said, “Now, don’t take it out on the water just because you don’t like the reflection! I mean, not everyone can be born with such great looks!” The voice belonged to a vulture námed Lucky, who was perched on a branch overlooking the swamp.

When Shere Khan glared at him, Lucky got down from the branch and moved closer to the tiger. “What’s the matter, Stripes? Man-cub got your tongue?” he teased.

The other vultures tried to stop Lucky, but it was no use.

“We heard that kid is here in the jungle, right under your whiskers,” Lucky said. Shere Khan paused. Now he was interested in listening to the big-mouthed vulture. “They say he’s headed downriver with a bear,” Lucky added.

Shere Khan set off to find Mowgli. But before he left, he gave Lucky a parting gift: a de-feathering. That’ll teach the bird not to make fun of me, he thought.

Meanwhile, Shanti and Ranjan had caught up to Mowgli, but they’d gotten into an argument, and Shanti and Ranjan had stormed off. With Shere Khan on the prowl, Mowgli knew his friends weren’t safe, so he went after them.

In a clearing, Mowgli finally spotted Shanti and Ranjan. let me explain?” “There you are,” he said. “I’m so sorry. Will you Shanti didn’t move a muscle.

“C’mon,” said Mowgli, “at least talk to me.”

Eyes wide with fear, Shanti slowly raised her arm and pointed behind Mowgli. When he turned around, Mowgli was face-to-face with Shere Khan-and the tiger was ready to pounce!

“You seem surprised to see me, Man-cub,” Shere Khan said menacingly.

Mowgli stepped between his friends and the evil tiger. He had to save Shanti and Ranjan. This was all his fault.

“You humiliated me, Man-cub,” Shere Khan continued. “I simply can’t let you live.”

Mowgli knew the tiger was serious. “Run!” he whispered to Shanti and Ranjan.

Shanti grabbed Ranjan and took off. Then Mowgli threw some dirt into the tiger’s eyes and followed them.

Shere Khan shrugged it off with a chuckle and said, “Oh, you’re going to try and outrun me.” The tiger trailed after the children, but he decided to take his time. He was going to enjoy the hunt.

Mowgli found a safe hiding place for Shanti and Ranjan. Then he ran away, hoping Shere Khan would follow only him. It worked!

Shanti had her own plan, though. “Ranjan, wait here,” she suid. “I’ve got to go help Mowgli. I’ll be right back. Don’t move!”

Ranjan waited for about two seconds, Then he scampered after Shanti.

Mowgli soon came to an ancient stone theater. He ran up the steps as quickly as he could, with Shere Khan at his heels. Before long, Shanti arrived.

In the meantime, Baloo found Ranjan, and the boy told him what had happened. The bear left Ranjan with Bagheera the panther and went to the theater to rescue Mowgli and Shanti.

Inside the theater, Shere Khan paced. He knew Mowgli was there, he just had to find him. “No matter how fast you run… no matter where you hide… I will catch you!” he called out.

Mowgli hid behind a giant brass gong. Baloo and Shanti soon arrived and hid behind two other gongs. Baloo tried to distract Shere Khan by tapping on his gong. The tiger’s head snapped around toward the sound, and he went to investigate.

Shanti saw this and began to hit her gong. Then Mowgli realized Baloo and Shanti were there and hit his gong. Shere Khan didn’t know which direction to go in.. . until crash! Shanti’s gong fell to the ground, revealing her hiding place!

Shere Khan laughed and called out, “So, what’s it going to be, Man-cub? You..or your adorable little girlfriend?”

As the vicious tiger approached Shanti, Mowgli jumped out from his hiding place. “No, don’t!” he commanded.

Shere Khan roared and sprang toward Mowgli!

In the nick of time, Baloo tackled Shere Khan. They rolled around on the ground as they fought, but the tiger wouldn’t be stopped. He broke free and headed toward Mowgli.

“Mowgli, look out!” Baloo yelled.

The Man-cub grabbed Shanti’s hand. “Come on!” he cried. Shanti took one look at the tiger and quickly followed Mowgli up a set of nearby stairs. They ran as quickly as they could. Shere Khan was catching up fast.

Within seconds, the tiger had cornered Mowgli and Shanti on a ledge. Below them was a pit of boiling lava.

Mowgli looked around. There was only one way out. “Jump!” he yelled to Shanti.

The pair leaped off the ledge. “Aaaah!” they screamed. Luckily, they landed on a stone head, but Shere Khan jumped, too, and landed right next to them.

The stone head began to give way under all the weight. Mowgli, Shanti, and Shere Khan fell toward the bubbling lava!

At the last second, Baloo reached down and grabbed Mowgli and Shanti, hauling them up to safety.

Shere Khan, however, was not so lucky. He landed on a rock in the middle of the lava pit. Then the giant stone head crashed down on him! He roared with fury as Mowgli, Baloo, and Shanti looked on in disbelief. The tiger was trapped!

Suddenly a shadow appeared overhead. It belonged to Lucky the vulture, who landed on the mouth of the stone head… which was now Shere Khan’s prison.

“Helloooo, Stripes!” called Lucky. “You’re looking a bit down in the mouth today. Ha, ha, ha!”

Shere Khan clenched his teeth. “Oh, no,” he hissed.

“What’s the matter” Lucky teased. “I always said you had a good head on your shoulders!” He laughed, knowing he’d torture the tiger with had jokes for a long time.

Shere Khan thought that having to listen to Lucky was the won’t punishment imaginable.

Soon after, Mowgli, Shanti, and Ranjan returned to the village. Now that Shere Khan was no longer on the hunt, Mowgli could visit the jungle anytime he wanted. Sometimes he even took Shanti and Ranjan along-they had friends in the jungle now, too!

End of The The Jungle Book 2 Story

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