The Halloween Mystery of Dolphin Story

The Halloween Mystery of Dolphin is a very wonderful bedtime story about one very beautiful and Little Dolphin. This story is a Halloween story.

Dolphin’s mother creates the best Halloween costume for their little Dolphin Fluffy. Fluffy solves one big mystery and makes a very good friendship with Tangy named fish.

One Big sea in Live is a very good family of Dolphins. There were many members in the family of aa dolphins. Fluffy was a beautiful and good son of a mother dolphin.

Fluffy, the dark Dolphin, couldn’t wait to go trick-or-treating called out, “Mommy! Mommy!”  “I want to put on my Halloween costume.”

Fluffy’s mother swam over and helped him with his pirate hat and eye patch.  

Fluffy said as he admired himself in the mirror, “Look mommy, Now, I’m the world-famous Pirate of the Sea!”  ” Can we trick-or-treat now, Mommy? Can we, please ?”

Fluffy’s mother said with a smile, “Okay.”  “Let’s go. And remember” “Don’t frighten the little fish.” 

Fluffy asked, “I don’t want to. But how can I show them I’m not scary?”

Fluffy’s mother thought for a moment, she said,  “Just wave and smile,”  “That way they’ll know you’re a friendly pirate Dolphine.”

Fluffy replied, “All right, Mommy.” and he grabbed his Halloween bag and raced off to get some candy.  Fluffy swam past a coral reef.

Fluffy looked ahead. A group of angelfish was swimming straight toward him.  Wave and smile, Fluffy remembered.  The school of angelfish saw Fluffy’s friendly face and smiled back.

A few seconds later, he arrived at a neighbor’s home.  

Fluffy called out, “Trick-or-treat!”

Sandy, the moray eel, swam out of her cave with a piece of seashell candy and dropped it in his bag 

She said, “Happy Halloween, Fluffy!” “Have fun!”

Fluffy called out, “Thank you!”  

Next, he swam toward a sunken ship while his mother waited patiently behind.  All at once, he saw hundreds of yellow tang and butterflyfish swimming right toward him. He began to wave and smile, but they were too frightened to wave back.

Fluffy shouted, ” What’s the matter?”  “Why are you so scared?” 

But they were already gone. I wonder why they are so frightened, Fluffy thought.  I’ve got to find out what scared them.  It’s a real mystery!

Fluffy glided over to a couple of loggerhead sea turtles. 

Fluffy asked, “Do you know what scared all those little fish?”  

But the sea turtles were too busy playing tricks on each other to answer.

He swam over to a polka-dot grouper, waving and smiling.  

The grouper smiled back, but then his eyes opened wide and he quickly darted off.  

Fluffy called out, “Come back!”  “Why are you swimming away?”

Fluffy heard a noise and turned around.  All at once, he was face-to-face with a fangtooth, the scariest fish he had ever seen.

Fluffy whispered, “Are… are…. are you wearing a Halloween mask? ”  The fangtooth shook his head.  

Fluffy stuttered as he began to swim away, “Well, I… I… I’ll be seeing you!”

The Tangtooth said, “Don’t go!”  “I won’t hurt you. My name is Tangy. What’s yours?” 

Gathering his courage, Fluffy inched back. “My name is Fluffy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before.”

Tangy answered, “That ‘s right,”  “I live in the deepest part of the ocean, where there’s no sunlight at all. Since today is Halloween, I wanted to go trick-or-treating. But it looks like I’m scaring everyone. I guess I’ll go back  home.”

Fluffy said, “No, don’t.”  “We can go trick-or-treating together.” 

Tangy exclaimed, “Really?” “That’s great!” “But first I want you to meet my mommy.”

As they swam to where his mother was waiting, Fluffy taught Tangy how to smile and wave at the little fish so he wouldn’t scare them.

But when they arrived, Fluffy’s mother jumped up in fright.

Fluffy explained, “Don’t be scared, Mommy.” “Tangy is my new friend. He wants to celebrate Halloween. He’s the reason why all those little fish were so scared. Tangy didn’t know he was supposed to smile and wave.”

Fluffy’s mother replied with a smile, “I see.”  “If you’re going to Tangy will need a costume. What should he be for trick-or-treat, Halloween?”

Fluffy looked around and found a cone-shaped seashell.  

Fluffy said, “I know!”  “He can be a silly clown. Fangy, do you like that idea?” Tangy nodded.

Fluffy’s mother placed the seashell on Tangy’s head, gave him a red nose, and they were off.  Fluffy reminded Tangy about smiling and waving when they passed the little fish.

Mitt It was Fluffy’s best Halloween ever!  He got lots of yummy treats… and he made a new friend, too!

The Halloween Mystery of Dolphin Story End

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