The greedy dog Story

The Greedy Dog Story is a very popular classic tale. This is a very interesting and enjoyable story for the little pupil. This story about one hungry Dog. The Greedy Dog is very hungry, when he sees anything, he gets water in his mouth and he runs to eat it.

greedy dog story

There was once a very greedy dog who just ate and ate. Whenever he saw anything that looked good enough to eat, he would just open his mouth and gobble it all up. The mailman wouldn’t come near the house anymore, ever since the greedy dog mistook his ankle for an early breakfast. He would stand at the gate and throw the letters in the general direction of the mailbox. The paperboy just refused to go anywhere near. Visitors knew they had to come with a juicy bone or they wouldn’t get as far as the front door. One day, the greedy dog was out wandering around the shops. He loved doing this, as there were always lots of really good smells for him to investigate, and sometimes old ladies, who didn’t know any better, would give him doughnuts to eat.

As he walked past the butcher’s shop, the greedy dog started to lick his lips. There in the window was a great big steak. It looked juicy and very good to eat. The greedy dog decided that the steak would make a very nice meal. So he watched and waited outside the shop. Soon, one of his favorite old ladies walked down the street and into the butcher’s shop. The greedy dog sidled in alongside the unsuspecting old lady. She wanted sausages and hamburger meat and goodness knows what else. So while the butcher was looking after her, the greedy dog pounced. He grabbed the steak and galloped out of the shop before anyone really had time to realize what was happening.

Then there was a great hue and cry. The butcher ran out of his shop with a bellow of rage, the little old lady fainted, and everyone in the street joined in the chase. But the greedy dog knew all the backstreets, and he was soon for away and longing to eat his steak. He ran through the backstreets until he came to the canal. He was just about to cross the bridge when he caught sight of another dog, right in front of him, and this dog also had a great. juicy steak in his mouth! Well, now, you and I know that what he was looking at was his own reflection, but the greedy dog did not know that. All he saw was a second steak that he might have so, with a great, fierce bark, he leaped at the other dog.

But instead of gaining another meal, the greedy dog found himself very wet indeed, and he had lost his own steak! It would be good if I could tell you that from that day onward the greedy dog was better behaved. But I am afraid his manners did not improve, and he is still looking for the other dog.

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The Greedy Dog Story Conclusion

I hope your kids very much love The Greedy Dog Story. This is a very interesting and enjoyable story of Hunger Dog. If you want to tell more stories to your children then please check our Home Page. We write more types of stories for your kids. All stories make your children Night Beautiful with full of morals.

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