The Golden Touch Story

The Golden touch story is about a greedy king. How he turned everything into gold even turned his daughter too. However, he managed to get back his daughter. Read the full story to understand what is exactly happened.

There was once a called Midas who loved gold more than anything in the world. Each day, he spent hour after hour in his treasure house, running his hands through his sacks of gold coins, admiring his golden jars and statues, and holding up his golden jewelry to the light to watch it gleam and shine. Midas thought that the precious metal was a much more delightful color than the emerald green of the grass or the sapphire blue of the sea. He thought it was far more beautiful than the gold of waving fields of wheat, the gold of his wife’s hair – even the gold of sunshine.

The king once helped the god Dionysus by taking care of one of his friends who was lost. Dionysus was very grateful and insisted, ” Let me repay you for your kindness by granting you a wish! Now think hard Make it something good! Whatever you like.”

Midas knew exactly what he wanted. ” I wish for everything I touch to turn to gold ! ” he declared. ” Are you sure about that? ” Dionysus asked, ” Are you quite, quite sure? ”

“What could be better ? ” cried Midas delightedly

“Very well then, ” sighed the god. “It is done.”

Midas couldn’t wait to try out his new powers. After that, he hurried over to a tree and snapped off a twig Unbelievable! It immediately grew heavy and bright. It had turned to solid gold. After that, Midas rushed around touching everything in his royal garden. Soon the apples hung on the trees like golden baubles. The flowers hardened into gold sculptures. The fountain froze into a spray of golden glitter and the grass solidified into a gold pavement.

” How wonderful ” laughed Midas, clapping his hands. ” Now for my palace ! ” and he picked up his robes and ran inside. By the time Midas reached the cool of his great chamber, his clothes had stiffened into a fabric woven from pure gold thread. ” Ooof ! ” puffed Midas. ” That’s a little heavy!” The weight of his golden clothes was dragging him down, slowing him up, and making his shoulders ache. After that, thought Midas, that’s a minor botheration compared to how beautiful my robes now look! He set off through the halls and corridors, touching pillars, pictures, doors, furniture, floors until everything glowed gold.

Phew! It was hungry, thirsty work! Midas sank into one of his new golden chairs at his new golden dining table and called for his servants to bring him his lunch. He wriggled about a bit on his rock-hard seat, but couldn’t get comfy. ” Never mind ! ” said Midas to himself, as the servants brought in platter after platter of delicious food. ‘ I don’t know any other king who is rich enough to eat off gold plates! ” And he touched each serving dish and bowl and saw them gleam.

” Amazing! ” Midas whooped, and licking his lips, he reached for a juicy chicken leg. ” OWWW ” he yelled, biting down on the hard metal and breaking a tooth. He reached for a goblet of wine and took a gulp. ” AAARGH ” Midas roared, as the mouthful of gold got stuck in his throat. The king pushed his chair back, spitting out the hunk of treasure.

” Oh, no ! ” the king moaned. Suddenly, he realized what the god Dionysus had been trying to warn him about. ” I’m going to have a whole kingdom full of gold, but I’m not going to be able to eat or drink anything!

At that very moment , Midas’s golden doors swung open and his little daughter came running towards him . Midas backed away in horror – but it was too late. ” Daddy ! ” the little girl cried, Flinging her arms happily around him. Therefore suddenly the king’s beloved daughter was no more than a lifeless statue. Midas howled with misery and huge tears began to stream from his eyes. ” I would gladly give away every piece of gold that I own to have my little girl back again, ” he wailed, ” How foolish I have been! There must be some way to take back my wish!

After that king trying not to touch anything else, Midas hurried to Dionysus and begged him to undo his magic ” Go and wash in the River Pactolus, ” the god instructed him. After that king went to wash his legs and hands. As soon as the king had done so, he was hugely relieved to find that his golden touch was gone. Therefore all the things Midas had turned into gold were back to normal including his beautiful little daughter. After that, if the king had had his way, he would never have looked at another nugget of gold as long as he lived. But the god Dionysus turned the sandy bed of the River Pactolus gold for even more, so that every time Midas walked along its banks, he would remember his greedy mistake.

Moral of the story

Greed is bad. In other words don’t be greedy.

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