Beauty and The Beast: The Friendship Invention Story

The Friendship invention story is part of a beautiful story Beauty and The Beast. The story is about two beautiful girls Belle and Simone friendship. Read the full story to know more about how they become good friends.

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One Morning, Belle and her father, Maurice, were walking towards the center of town. It was the day of the first annual Invention Convention.  Maurice had been organizing it for months.  And the big day had finally arrived!  

Maurice said, “It certainly is.” “People from all over the countryside are coming, I have a feeling there are some big surprises in store!”

When Belle and her father arrived, the town square was bustling with more activity than ever before!  Townsfolk were eagerly setting up booths to present their incredible inventions.  

Maurice said to Belle, “Why don’t you go and explore while I get ready?” 

Belle could hardly wait.  She loved seeing new inventions.  And there were so many on display!

Everywhere Belle Looked There Was a New Imaginative Contraction.  Some bone lots of bells and whistles.  Authors Wo Quit Revelation Some Wo, Simple, and Sweet.

Just when Belle thought she’d seen it all, she spied a crowd gathered across the square.  Belle squeezed through the thick circle of people to see what everyone was oohing and ahhing over.  

There must be something extra exciting over here, Belle thought.

When she reached the center, Belle’s eyes grew wide.  In the middle of the circle was an invention unlike any of the others.  And the inventor was a girl Belle’s age!  She was just about to demonstrate how her machine worked, and she was looking for a volunteer.

The girl asked Belle, “What’s your name?” 

Belle reply, “I’m Belle.” 

Simone said happily, “My name is Simone. Would you like to be my volunteer?” 

Simone guided Belle over to her invention. “Please place these leaves on the screen. 

Belle did as she was asked. Then Simone closed the flap on the machine and pushed a button.

Simone cried, “Et voilà!” Out popped one smooth little piece of paper. Simone’s invention pressed tree leaves into paper! The crowd applauded.

As the people left, Belle helped Simone collect her pile of leaf paper.  

Belle asked, “How did you think of such a clever invention?” 

Simone explained, “When I was little, I always wanted to build an invention that could spread happiness.” “One day I realized special notes make people happy. Sometimes you even make a new friend with a note. So I decided to invent the machine to create paper as special as the notes.” 

Belle looked at the stack of beautiful leaf paper and said, “That gives me a fantastic idea!”  

Simone looks down at the paper, confused.

Belle suggested, “Why don’t we write some nice messages on these pieces of paper and deliver them to the people in town?” 

Simone Cried, “How wonderful!” But who would they write to first?  

The fresh scent of nearby flowers sparked their interest.  Together, the girls wrote a note to the florist: 

Thank you for selling beautiful flowers.  

They brighten everyone’s day.

Belle and Simone delivered the note, but they didn’t sign it.  They wanted to spread happiness in secret – that made it more exciting! 

They watched as the florist opened his message.  Reading it seemed to make him very happy!  

Simone Said, “This is fun!” “Let’s write another one.”

Simone asked Belle, “Who should we write to next?” 

Belle thought and answer,  “Hmmm…., How about the bookseller? His books always make me happy. I think a nice note would be the perfect way to say ‘thank you.” 

So Belle and Simone wrote a note to the bookseller and delivered it in secret!  

The bookseller was with a customer when he discovered it.  Belle and Simone watched as he opened it, read it, and smiled.  

Belle winked, “Your invention is working!  “She whispered to Simone.” It really is spreading happiness!”

Together, the girls delivered nice messages to many of the townsfolk. Soon they had only one sheet left.

Simone asked, “Who should we write our last note to?” 

Belle said, “I know just the person.” 

A short while later, Belle and Simone delivered a very special handwritten message to Maurice.  This time, they did not hide.  

Dear Papa, 

Thank you for organizing this wonderful convention.  

It brought two new friends together – Belle and Simone 

Maurice chuckled, “You’re quite welcome.”

Then he handed the girls new books. 

Maurice said, “The bookseller asked me to give these to you.  He recognized your handwriting, Belle, and wanted to thank you The note made him very happy.  “

At the end of the day, the convention was over.  It was time for Simone to pack up her invention and say goodbye.  

Simone told Belle, “I had a wonderful time.” “I’m so glad we met. And I wanted to give you this.” She handed Belle a beautiful fresh stack of leaf paper. “Promise you’ll write?”

Belle hugged Simone and said,  “Of course.” “And you must write back to me. I want to hear about all the incredible new inventions you come up with!” 

Belle waved as Simone’s cart rolled away.  She was going to miss her new friend.

But later that night, when Belle opened her new book, she was surprised to find a special note from Simone tucked inside.  And when she read it, she knew their friendship would last.  

Belle couldn’t wait to see Simone again.  She was sure their next adventure would be even more fun.

The Friendship Invention Story conclusion

The Friendship Invention story very interesting and joyful bedtime story for kids. I hope your children very much love The Friendship Invention Story. Stories make your children’s night beautiful with full of fun.

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