The Firebird

The Firebird story is the very best bedtime story for little kids. This is a story about one firebird. Read the full story to know more about how Firebird saves some Little girls from one stranger magician. How prince breaks one egg and then he saves girls from a stranger magician.

The Firebird story

Long ago in Russia, in the days when witches lurked in the forests and dragons flew over the plains and demons hid in the mountains, there lived a lord called Tsar Andronovich, who owned a magnificent garden. At the center of the garden lay a beautiful orchard, and in the middle of the orchard lay Tsar Andronovich’s favorite tree a tree that grew precious, golden apples. Tsar Andronovich had given strict orders that no one was allowed to touch the golden apple tree except for himself. But one night, an amazing firebird with wings of flame and eyes of crystal came blazing into the orchard and stole some of the precious fruit.

“I must have this amazing firebird alive!” Tsar Andronovich marveled. “This creature seems even more splendid than the golden apples she has been stealing!”

Half an hour later, the Tsar’s three sons were galloping out of the gates in search of the firebird. The eldest and middle son, Dimitri, and Vassili, thundered off together. They had teamed up to find the firebird and agreed to split their father’s fortune between them. The youngest son, Ivan, was left to go off sadly on his own.

Ivan rode for three days and nights without any idea of where he was going and without seeing any sign of the firebird. His food and water began to run low and his horse was exhausted. Just as Ivan was thinking things couldn’t get much worse, he heard a blood-curdling howl behind him, and out of a dark forest ran a huge gray wolf. Ivan’s horse shot away from under him, throwing him into the dirt. But it didn’t escape very far. The gray wolf sprang onto it and gobbled it up

“Eat me quickly and have done with it.” Ivan cried at the panting beast.

“I am not going to eat you,” grinned the wolf. “I have to repay you for eating your very tasty horse! Now, I can’t help noticing that you look worn out. Ride on me, the gray wolf, I will take you where you want to go.”

Ivan was too tired and lonely to argue. He climbed onto the gray wolf’s back and explained all about his quest to find the firebird. He had hardly finished speaking when the gray wolf leaped away like an arrow. It seemed like only a few seconds before they came to a halt before a stone wall.

“Ivan, climb over this wall and you will see the firebird in a golden cage,” the wolf explained. “Take the firebird, but whatever you do, do not steal the golden cage.”

Trembling, Ivan clambered over the wall and found himself in a courtyard below. Hanging from a tree in the middle was a golden cage with the firebird inside, just as the wolf had said. Ivan crept up to the leafy boughs, opened the jeweled door, and drew out the beautiful firebird. To his great surprise, she didn’t flap or cry out or make any fuss at all. Hmmm, thought Ivan to himself. I really need the cage as well, or elsewhere am I going to keep the firebird? He reached up into the leaves and unhooked the cage. At that very moment, ear-splitting alarm bells began to ring and guards rushed into the courtyard from all sides. They roughly dragged Ivan off to see their master, the Tsar Dolmat.

“You must pay dearly for trying to steal my precious firebird,” boomed Tsar Dolmat, his face dark with anger. Then he rubbed his beard and thought for a second. “UNLESS” he added, “you go to the ends of the earth and bring me the horse with the golden mane. If you can do this, I will give you the firebird with pleasure.”

Ivan crept back to the gray wolf hanging his head in shame. But his friend simply said, “Ride on me,” the gray wolf, “and I will take you where you want to go.”

The gray wolf sprang away to the ends of the earth faster than the wind. It seemed like only a couple of minutes before they came to a stop outside some stables.

“Ivan, go into these stables and take the horse with the golden mane,” the wolf told him. ” But whatever you do, do not steal its golden bridle.”

Cautiously, Ivan edged into the stables, crept up to the horse with the golden mane, and began to lead it out of its stall. Hmmm, thought Ivan, as he looked at its golden bridle hanging on the wall. I really need the bridle as well, or else how am I going to ride the horse? The moment he lifted down the bridle, a clanging peal of bells broke the silence. Soldiers dashed into the stable and hauled Ivan away to see their master, the Tsar Afron.

“You must pay dearly for trying to steal my wonderful horse with the golden mane,” raged Tsar Afron, shaking with fury. ” UNLESS, ” he added, ” you go to the other side of the world and bring me Tasha the Beautiful to be my bride. If you can do this, I will gladly give you the horse with the golden mane.”

Ivan could hardly bring himself to tell the gray wolf that he had disobeyed him a second time. But when the wolf saw Ivan returning empty-handed, he simply said, ” Ride on me, the gray wolf, and I will take you where you want to go.”

Ivan jumped onto the gray wolf and he sped away to the other side of the world as quick as lightning. It seemed like only an hour or so before they drew up outside a glorious palace.

“Ivan, this time I am going to be the one who goes inside and you are going to be the one who waits, ” said the wolf and he sprang over the palace wall with one mighty bound. Ivan hardly had time to draw breath before the wolf came springing over again – this time with Tasha the Beautiful tossed onto his back. Ivan leaped onto the wolf’s back and they were off through the air like a shooting star.

Tsar Dolmat and win the firebird. When I am safely two forests away, I will think of you and you will return back to my side.

The gray wolf looked at Ivan and bowed slightly, “For you, I will do this, ” said the wolf gruffly. And so it all came to pass. Tsar Dolmat was tricked, and Ivan was once again mounted on the gray wolf while his sweetheart Tasha the Beautiful rode prettily on the horse with the golden mane and carried the firebird.

By and by, the companions came to the very spot where the gray wolf had set upon Ivan’s horse and eaten it. Then it was the gray wolf’s turn to sigh a deep sigh. ” Well, Ivan, here I took a horse from you, and here I now return you with another horse — and a beautiful bride and a firebird, too! You no longer need me and I must go! ” And the wolf loped off into the woods and was gone.

Ivan and Tasha went on their way in sadness, weeping for their lost friend. When they were very nearly back home at Tsar Andronovich’s house, they stopped to rest and sank into an exhausted sleep. Even the firebird was so soundly asleep that she didn’t notice two figures come creeping out of the shadows. It was Dimitri and Vassily, who had returned from their travels empty. handed and were enraged to find their little brother not only with the Firebird but also with Tasha the Beautifull in their bitterness, the brothers drew their swords and stabbed Ivan where he lay dreaming. Then they swept up Tasha the Beautiful and the firebird and were off to their father’s mansion to pretend that the treasures were theirs. Breathe a word of this and we’ll kill you, ” they hissed into Tasha’s ear, and Tasha shook with sorrow and fear.

Ivan’s body lay lifeless and cold, as the snow started to cover him like a thick blanket. A few bold birds and woodland creatures began to creep closer to find out what type of thing would lie so silent and still in the freezing weather and among them came a gray wolf with yellow eyes and drooling jaws. He stalked right up to Ivan’s body and sniffed all around. Then he sat in the snow, threw his head back, and howled a spine-chilling howl. Slowly and gently, the wolf began to lick the wound in Ivan’s chest. And suddenly, Ivan sat up and began to shiver. ” What am I doing asleep in this snowstorm ? ” he asked the gray wolf.

“Ride on me, the gray wolf,” came the gruff voice, and I will take you where you want to go.

“Home, ‘ whispered Ivan into his friend’s ear,” I want to go home. “And no sooner had he finished saying the words than they were there.”

Of course, when Tsar Andronovich learned the truth, he threw the wicked Dimitri and Vassily in a dungeon, where they belonged. Ivan and Tasha the Beautiful were married Ivan rode his faithful gray wolf to the wedding ceremony and Tasha arrived on the horse with the golden mane. As for Tsar Andronovich well, he got his precious firebird after all, and he loved her so much he even let her eat the golden apples from his favorite tree whenever she wanted.

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The Firebird Story Conclusion

The Firebird story is a very interesting bedtime story for little kids. This story is very helpful for kids to teach a grateful lesson. If your children want to read more bedtime stories then check out Home Page. We write great bedtime stories for your kids. Stories help your children to make their night beautiful with full of joy.

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