The dog in the Manger Story

The Dog in the Manger Story is a very interesting and very cool story for little kids. This is a story about one Dog and Ox. One day a dog goes to sleep in Ox Mangar and despoil Manger from him. Read the full story How Dog despoils Ox Manger.

The Dog in the Manger Story

There was once a dog who was looking for a nice, warm place to take an afternoon nap. The horse was in the shade under the tree. The hen was curled up in the cart. The cat was basking in the sun on the barn roof.

The dog slunk into the barn and looked for a spot that was not yet taken. Suddenly his eyes came to rest on the ox’s Manger. It was filled with fresh, sweet-smelling hay. “That’s the place for me,’ thought the dog, and he trotted over, jumped in, and settled down to sleep.

A little later, the ox plodded into the barn. He was hot and tired from plowing all day. After drinking at the water trough he went to his Manger to eat. and found the dog fast asleep!

The ox’s hot breath roused the dog from his dreams, and he jumped up, snarling. Each time the ox came near to try to take a mouthful of hay. the dog tried to bite him, even though he did not want to eat the hay himself. At last, the ox was forced to give up and go away hungry.

What we Learn From The dog in the Manger Story

People may not want others to have things, even If they can’t use them themselves.

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The dog in the Manger Story Conclusion

I hope your children very much enjoy The dog in the Manger Story. This is a very interesting and moral bedtime story for your kids. If your kids want to hear more bedtime stories then please check our website Home Page. We write beautiful bedtime stories to your kids. All stories make your children’s night beautiful.

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