The Black Cauldron: The Great Quest

The Black Cauldron story is a very old and popular Disney Bedtime story. This is a story about one Princess and one Pig keeper Boy Taran. Read the full story to know more about how they are saving their life from one Horned King.

The Black Cauldron story

Centuries ago, there lived an evil king who wanted to be the most powerful ruler in the world. His name was the Horned King, and he knew one object would give him everything he desired-the Black Cauldron.

The Horned King ordered Creeper, his second-in-command, to use whatever means necessary to find it. “Yes, sire,” Creeper replied.

Soon after, a lowly pig keeper named Taran and a beautiful princess named Eilonwy became trapped in the king’s castle. They began to wander through a maze of underground tunnels to try to find a way to escape.

Eventually, they came to an ancient burial chamber, where something caught Eilonwy’s eye. It was a magnificent sword! Turan smiled with delight, then picked it up.

Taran and Princess Eilonwy continued to walk through the tunnels. Soon they heard someone yell, “Help!” They followed the sound and came upon a kindly old man named Fflewddur, who was being held captive in another dungeon. As they were freeing him, they heard Creeper and his men out in the passageway.

There was only one thing to do: run!

“Get them!” cried one of Creeper’s men. Another cornered Taran. But when the pig keeper’s sword touched the henchman’s sword, the henchman’s weapon fell to pieces. The sword was magical!

The three fugitives tried to find a way out but quickly realized they were trapped.

Taran swung his magic sword toward the drawbridge chain. Sparks flew and the chain broke loose, which sent the bridge crashing down. Immediately, the trio runs to the safety of the woods. They had escaped!

At last, Taran, Eilonwy, and Fflewddur could stop and rest. Just then, a furry little creature who was looking for food tackled Fflewddur. It was Gurgi. Taran had met him before and wasn’t particularly fond of him, but Gurgi liked the pig keeper.

At the moment, Taran had bigger things on his mind. He had found out that the Horned King was after the Black Cauldron, and he knew he had to find it first.

“If we destroy the Cauldron, it will stop the Horned King,” Taran explained to the others. “Please come with me.”

They all set off, and before long, they learned that the Cauldron was hidden in Morva. Eventually, they arrived at a run-down cottage. Inside lived three witches, guardians of the Black Cauldron.

“Nobody’s asked for the Black Cauldron in over two thousand years,” said one witch. They weren’t about to give up the Cauldron so easily.

Taran held out his magic sword. “I offer my dearest possession in exchange for the Black Cauldron,” he said.

The witches loved a bargain, so they readily agreed. The sword instantly disappeared, and the ground began to shake. Dirt and boulders flew through the air, followed by billowing smoke and steam. Then the mighty Black Cauldron rose from beneath the earth.

“Quick! We must destroy it!” cried Taran. The witches looked on and cackled wickedly. “The Black Cauldron can never be destroyed,” one of them said. “Only its evil powers can he stop.”

“But how?” asked Turan. “A living being must climb into it of his own free will,” one of the witches replied. Then she added, “However, the poor duckling will never come out alive,”

What would Taran and his friends do!

Unfortunately, there was no time to think about it. The Horned King’s men had caught up to them! Gurgi quickly ran and hid behind a tree while the wicked creatures grabbed the Black Cauldron and took it to the castle along with Taran, Eilonwy, and Fflewddur.

Trembling, Gurgi made his way to the castle. He was terrified, but he knew he could not abandon his friends.

Inside the castle, the Horned King was using the Black Cauldron to bring an evil army of skeletons to life.

“Arise!” the king commanded of his new army. “Our time has arrived! Go destroy all in your path!”

The skeleton army marched out of the castle, but Gurgi sneaked past them. He found his friends and quickly untied them.

The friends were thrilled they had been rescued. Still, Taran knew the kingdom would not be safe as long as the Cauldron’s powers were intact. He decided to jump into the bubbling cauldron, even if it meant he would never come back.

“No! You can’t!” cried Eilonwy. “There must be another way!” Fflewddur insisted. Taran shook his head. Bravely he said, “My mind is made up. If I don’t, we’re all lost.”

But Gurgi had other ideas. “Gurgi is not let you jump into the cauldron!” he said to Taran, blocking his path. “Get out of my way,” Taran said. Gurgi stood his ground and then jumped into the boiling cauldron himself! “No!” Taran cried.

But it was no use. Gurgi was gone. Taran couldn’t believe he’d been so wrong about the little creature.

The Cauldron immediately began to lose its power. Outside the castle walls, the king’s skeleton army collapsed into a heap of bones.

Inside, a mist of vapors swirled around. Torches on the walls blew out, and the gusting wind sucked everything bad into the Cauldron… including the Horned King!

The evil ruler was finally defeated!

The strong pull of the Cauldron caused the castle floor to fall to pieces. Roaring flames shot up at Taran, Eilonwy, and Fflewddur as they ran for their lives.

Suddenly, Eilonwy spotted an old boat in an underground canal. They quickly hopped on and rowed to safety as the castle crumbled to the ground. Then the Black Cauldron appeared, bobbing in the water, and the friends remembered poor little Gurgi.

The three witches saw the Black Cauldron, too. They wanted it back. They offered Taran the magic sword in exchange for the Cauldron, but he said no.

“I would trade the Cauldron for Gurgi,” said Taran.

“Oh, dear,” said one witch.

“It’s not possible,” said another.

Fflewddur piped up. “Just as I thought,” he said to the witches. “You have no real power. Admit it.”

The witches were very angry. They decided to show Fflewddur just how wrong he was. They changed into glowing colors and whirled around the Cauldron, lifting it out of the water. As it rose, it was transformed into brilliant white light.

“We have made a bargain!” announced one of the witches. When the whirlwind dissolved, the Cauldron was gone, the witches were gone, and Gurgi was lying on the ground.

He reached a small paw toward Taran.

“Gurgi,” cried Taran, “you’re alive!”

With joy, Taran and Eilonwy hugged their hero.

“Gurgi’s a happy day!” said the little creature as he jumped into Taran’s arms. It was a happy day indeed for Gurgi, his friends, and all the land.

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The Black Cauldron story Conclusion

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