Handy Manny Story: The Best Repairman

The Best Repairman story is very funny and joyful bedtime story for every toddler. This story is part of famous Disney show Handy Manny. This is story about one service of Manny. Read full story of Handy Manny.

One day Jasmine named Journalist call to Manny. Manny ran to answer the phone. Mani said after picking up the call “This is Handy Manny’s Repair Shop. You break it, we fix it!”

Jasmin said, “Manny? It’s Jasmine Chung from the Sheet Rock Hills Herald. I’m calling to let you know you’ve been picked as the county’s best repairman!”

Manny couldn’t believe it. Jasmine wanted to interview Manny at his next repair job. He was going to fix Sparrow Fountain at the park. It had been broken in the big storm last night. “A reporter is coming to interview me at the park Manny told the tools.

“Wow, will we get our picture in the paper, Manny?” Shrieked Dusty. “Maybe,” answered Manny. Once they got to the park, Manny inspected the damage to the water fountain. All the pipes inside were broken and the fountain was empty, so the birds had nothing to drink. Just then, a woman raced over.

“Manny! Jasmine Chung here,” she said quickly. “Ready for the interview? Yes? Okay, then. Take a seat!”

Manny was unsure. He thought he should fix the fountain first. But Jasmine talked so fast. “So, did you always want to be a repairman?”

“Oh, yes.” Manny grinned. “My parents tell me that ‘fix’ was my very first word! ”

“That’s a great quote, “Jasmine said.” I may even put that under your picture! ”

“Picture ?!” Shouted Dusty, as she and the other tools gathered around. Manny decided it was time to start fixing the fountain. Jasmine got her camera ready. Not wanting to miss out, the tools began practicing their best poses. Soon they were all hopping around Jasmine

“Tools-Stop” Manny ordered. “I know you want your pictures in the paper, but you’re forgetting why Jasmine wants our picture to begin with because we help others by fixing things. But we can’t help anyone if you’re all too busy posing. This fountain is broken, and the birds can’t get a drink on a hot day like today, “said Manny.” So, let’s think about why we’re really here.”

“To help others!” Cheered Dusty.” Let’s get going and fix it right! “So, Manny and the tools worked together to fix the fountain.” Wow, Manny, you really are the county’s best repairman!” Raved Jasmine.

The following week. All of the tools appeared in the paper.” I may be the county’s best repairman, Manny said. “But you’re the county’s best tools!

Conclusion of Handy Manny Story

I hope your children very much love this Handy Manny story: The Best Repairman. Really, this is a very interesting bedtime story for many kids. If your children want to read more Disney bedtime stories then check our Home Page. We write the best bedtime stories for your kids. Makes your children’s night beautiful with our bedtime stories.

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