The Bag Of Coins

The Bag of Coins is a good moral story of Akbar and Birbal. This is a story about one honest widow. How one day a Kazi refuses to give the Gold of the widow and behaves wrong with him. To know more read the full story of The Bag of Coins.

The Bag of Coins|Akbar and Birbal

The Bag Of Coins is an amazing Akbar and Birbal bedtime story

A widow lived in the city of Delhi. Being a Muslim she once decided to go to Mecca on pilgrimage. She sold all her valuables to get gold coins in return. Then she kept all the coins in a bag and sealed its mouth tightly.

Then he went and handed her bag to an honest Kazi and said, “After I come back, I will take my bag from you. However, if you learn that I died there itself, please distribute my money amongst the needy and poor.”

Several days passed. Yet there were no signs of the widow. The Kazi could not resist his curiosity and made a small hole in the bag. He saw through it and found that the bag was full of gold coins. The Kazi was so tempted that he took out all the coins and filled the bag with stones. Then Seve he carefully had the hole darned and kept it back.

After some days, the widow returned from pilgrimage. The Kazi returned back to her bag. The widow took her bag happily but at home, when she removed the seal, she was shocked. The bag contained stones instead of gold coins! She could not believe her eyes and went back to the Kazi. With tears in her eyes, she said, “Oh sir! At least give me back half the gold coins you have taken from my bag.”

But the Kazi paid no heed to her and drove her out. The widow decided to appeal to the court for justice. Accordingly, she went to court. The Emperor sent for the Kazi and “I returned her bag made an inquiry. The Kazi said, in the same condition as she had given to me. The bag was sealed. I gave it to her in the same condition.

The Emperor then asked the widow, “Tell me, didn’t you get your bag in the same condition along with the seal intact? Had the seal been opened?” The widow nodded and agreed that the bag was in the same condition and that the seal had not been tampered with.

The Emperor now understood that something fishy was there in the case. He asked for the bag. He carefully examined it. Then he asked the widow to come back after ten days.

The Emperor thought of a clever plan. After two days, he secretly cut a small piece of his bedcover. In the morning, the servants noticed the torn bedcover. They were quite surprised. Finally, they called the famous darner of the city and had the bedcover darned.

At night, the Emperor noticed that the bedcover had been darned carefully. It was really an expert’s job. It was done so well that it was not even possible to know where the bedcover had been cut. He at once sent for his servant and asked, “In the morning, my bedcover had a hole. What has happened to it?

The servant was frightened. But, the Emperor assured him that he would not punish him in any way. Then the servant was quite relieved and he told him the truth. At once, the Emperor sent for the darner and asked him, “Tell me, some days ago, had you darned a small bag?

The darner replied, “Yes, Your Majesty, Kazi had come to me to get a bag of money darned. The bag was full of small stones and had a hole. I closed the hole by darning very carefully.”

The Emperor understood everything. Immediately, he called the widow and the Kazi. The Kazi was frightened of seeing the darner. He confessed his crime and returned all the gold coins to the window. The Window happily took them and went back home.

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The Bag of Coins Story Conclusion

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