The Three Fish

The three fish

Tale of the Three Fish is an amazing bedtime story for kids. This story is part of panchatantra.In this story three fish are talking with each other when huge disaster is comes.

The Rescue of a Deer

This is deer rescue story image

The Rescue of Deer is an amazing panchatatra story for kids. In this bedtime story one time in jungle crow and turtle friend deer is not come their regular meeting place because Deer is trapped in a predator’s trap. Read more other animal how resque deer..

The Elephant and The Sparrow

Elephant and sparrow

The Elephant and the sparrow is bedtime story for kids. It is part of panchatantra story. In this story elephant is destroy their offdpring and then sparrow and their friend go to kill elephant.

The Lion and The Jackal

The jackal and lion

The Lion and the Jackal is bedtime story for kids.This story is part of Paanchatantra story.In this story one day lion kill one camle and found a live baby camle inside her womb Read more..