The Sword in the Stone story

the sword in the stone story

The Sword in the Stone story is an amazing story. In this story, one sword stuck into the stone and whoever is able to pull the sword is the rightful king. Read the full story to know that who will pull the sword from the stone. The blacksmith’s anvil had suddenly appeared in the courtyard … Read more

The Moon in the Pond

The Moon in the Pond

The Moon in the Pond is a very interesting and funny bedtime story. The Moon in the Pond is a story about some jungle creatures. one day in full moon night Bear, Fox, Turtle, and rabbits go fishing along the river in the forest. Read the full story to know more about one fun accident … Read more

The Fantastic Fairy Tale Frau Holle

Frau Holle tale

Fairy Tale of Mother Haulad is a very interesting bedtime story for little kids. This is a popular tale of Frau Holle. This tale is based on Two girls and one old Lady Mother Hulda. Tale of Mother Hulda in one Mother had two girls one has lazy and one has beautiful and hardworking. The … Read more

The Emperor’s New Clothes

the emperor new groove tory

The Emperor’s New Clothes story is about one Emperor. Tow weavers fooled the Emperor. And the emperor walked into the city without clothes. Read the full story to understand how weavers fooled the Emperor. There was once an emperor who loved new clothes above everything else. Designers, tailors, clothmakers, dyers, and specialists in all sorts … Read more

Check Free Premium Bedtime Stories to Read Online

bedtime stories to read online

Bedtime stories are a great thing to make sleep our children’s easily. But the main thing is that where find Bedtime Stories to Read Online. Today I tell you many such famous stories that your children will surely like. Many times parents ask us the question, which stories should we tell our children? which is … Read more

The Frog Prince Story

the frog prince story

The Frog Prince is a very old and popular bedtime story for little-aged kids. This is a story about one beautiful princess and one frog prince.

The Golden Touch Story

the golden touch

The Golden touch story is about a greedy king. How he turned everything into gold even turned his daughter too. However, he managed to get back his daughter. Read the full story to understand what is exactly happened. There was once a called Midas who loved gold more than anything in the world. Each day, … Read more

The Trojan Horse story

trojan horse story

The Trojan Horse story is a very interesting bedtime story for little kids. This story about a great war between two big kingdoms Greek and Troy. Read the full story to understand this war. Prince Paris of Troy stole away the beautiful Helen, wife of King Menelaus of Greece, the outraged Greeks were determined to … Read more

The Happy Prince

the happy prince

The Happy Prince story is an amazing bedtime story. This story about one little and very beautiful sparrow and one Prince Statue. Read the full story to hear the conversation between Happy Prince and Little Sparrow. The statue of the Happy Prince stood high up above the city on a tall column. He glittered in … Read more

Rumpelstiltskin Story

rumpelstiltskin story

This is a story about one Poor and Foolish Miller beautiful Daughter and one Rumpelstiltskin named little scary man. In exchange for something, he helps the miller’s daughter.