Buddha and Buddhism – Part 2

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This is the part 2 of Buddha and Buddhism. Read carefully and enjoy it. Modern life can, at times, be rife with stress – whether about Modern relationships money, or a whole range of matters. Fortunately, ancient Buddhist teachings can help us to deal with this stress. By encouraging us to infuse our all-too-often hectic, … Read more

An Elephant And The Dog Story

An Elephant And The Dog Story

This is a tale about a royal elephant and a dog. An elephant belonged to the king and had the privilege of leading all the king’s processions. His name was Rajah and he lived in great luxury. But this didn’t make up for his being the only royal elephant, which at times meant that he … Read more

The Brave Little Blue Parrot

The Brave Little Parrot

This tale about a title blue parrot who lived high up in the treetops of a tropical forest. One day, he surprised everyone, because, despite being only a small bird, he did a very brave thing. What do you think it was? Let’s see if we can find out! Now… One morning a big, dark … Read more

Buddha and Buddhism – Part 1

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The Buddha was a spiritual teacher from ancient India. And the founder of Buddhism. His real name was Siddharta Gautama. And accounts of his life and teaching were passed down by word of mouth until they appeared in writing around 400 years after his death. The early life of Buddha There is not much information … Read more