The List Of Fools

The list of fool

The List Of Fools is an amazing bedtime story for readers.It is part of Akbar and Birbal Moral stories. In this story one day king Akbar Impressed by one hource selling man, he gave her a million rupees without knowing his background details. Birbal realize to Akbar,his mistake.

The Verbal Reward

akbar and birbal

The verbal reward bedtime story for kids. This story Great king Akbar shrewd Gems Birbal realized one rich man his mistake and he gave away a handsome reward to the poet.

The Monkey And The Wedge

The Mokey and the wedge

The Mokey and The Wedge is bedtime story for kids in english and it contains bedtime story of one mokey, One day, when the workers left for lunch a batch of monkeys landed at the temple site and began playing with whatever caught their fancy see more….

How a Sparrow Came to Grief

How a sparrow came to Grief

How a Sparrow Came to Grief is an amazing bedtime story for kids. This story is part of panchatantra story. In this story monkey completely drenched in the rain and shivering from cold, came scurrying to the tree for cover. Seeing the condition of the monkey,sparrow build a house for okey. Read more..

The Number Of Crows And Bangles


The Number of crows and Bangles is bedtime story for kids this story is great king Akbar and their one clever Gems Birbal. In this story Akbar ask question to clever birbal ” How many Crows is placed their kingdom?”And Birble how solve this puzzel read this story..

Good Little Henry Part-3: The Harvest

Good Little Henry

Welcome to the new part of Good Little Henry: The Harvest. If you have not read the previous 2 parts of a story, I would like to request to you read them first. This is a 3rd part story. So it is must you have read previous parts. So that you can easily connect previous … Read more