Turning A Donkey Into A Horse

Turning Donkey into horse

Turning a Donkey Into a Horse is an amazing bedtime story in Akbar and Birbal. One Day Akbar said to Birbal “make me a Brahmin” for some of reason but it’s not possible so Birbal how teach lesson to Akbar Read more…

The Weeping River

Akbar and Birbal Image

The Weeping River is an amazing Akbar and Birbal bedtime story fro kids. In this story Yamuna river was flooded and overflowing. The rushing water was making a loud noise. At midnight, the Emperor suddenly woke up because of the noise. Read more..

The Magical Sticks

Magical stics img for bedtime story

The Magical Sticks is an amazing bedtime story for kids It is part of Akbar and Birbal moral story. One day, while going for a bath, he hung his necklace outside the bathroom and how find Birbal this nacklace Read more…