Story of Jesus Birth for Children

Story of Jesus Birth for Children about God Jesus who born in One Shepeard Family. Shepeard’s name is Joseph who is very poor and very Generous.

Joseph was a carpenter Who made things out of wood, In a shop in Nazareth Where business was quite good.

Joseph was to marry soon A woman that he loved. Mary was his dear one’s name: Both blessed by Cod above.

One day Joseph heard some news that took him by surprise. Mary was to have a child! An angel had told her why:

“Your child,” the angel Gabriela, “will be the son of God. And you shall call Him Jesus.” But Joseph said, “That’s odd.”

So God then sent a special dream to Joseph in the night. “Do not fear,” an angel said. “Dear Joseph, it’s all right.”

Kind Joseph heard God’s message. That dream had changed his life. So Joseph went to Mary and took her for his wife.

Caesar was in charge back then. He sent out this decree: Everyone now owes a tax. Go home to pay this fee.

So Joseph went to Bethlehem, With Mary by his side. Upon a soft brown donkey, His pregnant wife did ride.

But when they came to David’s town, as Bethlehem was called, All the rooms were filled up tight except a manger stall.

Joseph went into that stall and fixed a bed of hay. Mary gratefully stretched out to rest from their long day.

Suddenly the quiet night was filled with holy sound. The animals were wide-awake And gathered close around.

The birds, and cows, and sheep could see the babe born in their barn, as Joseph placed the infant king into his mother’s arms.

And in the fields not far away, some shepherds were surprised by angels bringing this good news: “The Savior has arrived!”

Into the town, the shepherd went to see this newborn one. And when they came the shepherds said. “We’d like to see your son.”

But Joseph smiled and shook his hand, This child is God’s own Son born today to save us all, This Holy, Precious One.

“The shepherds worshiped Jesus, And we can worship too. We’ll kneel before the Savior Who loves both me and you!

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What You Learn From Bedtime Story of Jesus Birth for Children

God is with us in any form in any problem or situation.

Story of Jesus Birth for Children End

I hope your children very enjoy this story of Jesus’s birth for children. This moral story gives the very best lesson to your child. We also write bedtime stories of Disney Princess. If you want to tell your children then go to the Amazing Story Home Page.

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