Stories are part of our life

Our life is a also story. Every single person in this beautiful world can relate his/her life with amazing stories. And his/her story may be dramatic, may be full of adventures, or something else.

Is there any importance of a Story in our life ?? Answer is yes. We can learn things from our past experiences. What if we do not have any experience in a particular field in which we want to work. The first thing that we will do is read some articles or stories or something else that related to our work. Most of the stories that exist in this world are based on imagination or real incidents of someone’s life. Good writers of stories are used to write stories on someone’s life-related incident. From these stories, we can learn about things.

Just imagine where would we were if there were no stories. We were not able to find interesting facts about Kings and Queens. We were not able to teach our children (Maybe future children) about life learning lessons. And also without stories, it is difficult to teach kids.

If we want to remember something, we can remember it in terms of the story. As we early mentioned our whole life is a story. And every day is a new chapter. We can make our story as we want because the author has complete authority to write a story on its own. As our life is also a story we are the author of it and also we can make it as we want. No one can interpret our story until we give him/her access to do it. Like this, no one can interpret your life without your permission.

In conclusion, we can say that we are the ones who can write our future on our own.

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