Stories of Pinocchio

Tell very popular fairy tale Stories Of Pinocchio. This is a story about one boy Pinocchio who created in wood by one old man. Read more in Pinocchio’s story.

Once upon a time, there was … a piece of wood. Lying in a corner of the carpenter’s workshop, it looked just like any other piece of wood. The carpenter’s name was Mr. Cherry and he needed a table leg.

“Perfect!” He said, catching sight of the wood. He rested it against his worktop and picked up a chisel.

As the chisel touched the wood, a voice cried out, “Don’t hurt me!”

Mr. Cherry looked up in surprise. He was alone in the room. “I must be imagining things,” he thought.

But when he tried again, tapping the chisel against the wood, someone screamed.

“Who’s there?” Shouted Mr. Cherry. There was no answer.

He shook the wood and listened carefully… nothing, just then, his friend Gepetto knocked at the door

“I want to make a puppet,” announced Gepetto.

“Good for you, macaroni hair, “called a voice.

Gepetto went red in the face and glared at Mr. Cherry.” What did you say? “He shouted.

“It must have been you,” said Gepetto. “There’s no one else here. But give me some wood and I might forgive you.”

Mr. Cherry was happy to get rid of the strange piece of wood. The wood had other ideas and jabbed Gepetto in the tummy.

“How dare you!” Gepetto shouted, almost losing his wig. He grabbed at Mr. Cherry’s arm and Mr. Cherry pushed him away.

Biff? went Gepetto, knocking off Mr. Cherry’s wig. Boff! went Mr. Cherry and Gepetto’s wig fell to the floor.

After that, the two men looked so silly, they burst out laughing. And then they weren’t cross anymore.

“Goodbye, my friend,” said Gepetto, taking the piece of wood.

“Goodbye, Gepetto,” replied Mr. Cherry. He closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief.

Gepetto strolled home clutching his piece of wood. “I’ll make the best puppet in the world,” he thought, “and call him … Pinocchio.

First, he chipped at the wood to make ahead with hair. Then he gave the puppet two eyes. No sooner were they finished than one of them winked.

Gepetto did not notice. He had moved on to the puppet’s nose. As he smoothed it down, the nose began to grow every time he chopped it off, it grew again, longer and longer.

Gepetto gave up on the ridiculous nose and carved out a mouth. Before he’d even finished, the mouth laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Asked Gepetto. Instead of replying, the puppet stuck out its tongue.

“Behave! Said Gepetto. Shaping the puppet’s body:” Remember, you’re only a piece of wood.”

But when the legs and arms were finished, a hand reached out and snatched Gepetto’s wig. Before he could say, “Stop Pinocchio!” The puppet jumped up and ran out of the house…

Slap bang into a policeman.

“What’s going on here? “asked the policeman. Then he saw Gepetto, waving his chisel, and decided he looked dangerous.

“You’re under arrest for threatning a puppet,” the ploceman said, leading Gepetto away.

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Stories of Pinocchio on Youtube

See the good and very interesting fairy tale story of Pinocchio on youtube. This story is created by Fairy Tales ans Stories for Kids. Tell your children to this awesome bedtime Pinocchio story.

Pinocchio Story Telling Conclusion

I hope you really very enjoy this gorgeous fairy tale of Pinocchio. The story of Pinocchio is very interesting and the children’s favorite story. Pinocchio’s fairy tale is created by one Italian writer Carlo Collodi.

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