Elephant Story in English


Hello friends, how are you all? Today we are back again with another unique and interesting story titled “Elephant’s Reflection: A Moonlit Lesson by the Lake”. This story is about an elephant and a clever rabbit who teaches a lesson to the elephant with his cunning. Elephant’s Reflection: A Moonlit Lesson by the Lake HAKE … Read more

Prince Cherry

king and fairy

Prince Cherry is an amazing bedtime story for kids. In this story On day one fairy meet to King snd how she convert bad king into godd king Read more..

The Snow Queen

snow queen

Once upon a time, there was a magical kingdom decorated with snow. The kingdom was ruled by the Snow Queen who was very wise, kind and very beautiful. He had a magical can. Whatever she touched turned to ice and she could control ice. Despite his caring and kind heart towards the people of his … Read more

The Little Half-Chick

Little half chicks

The Little Half-Chick is an amazing bedtime story for kids. In this story One day a hen gives birth to Litle Half-chick. It had only one leg and one wing and one eye! It was just half a chicken. Read more…

Velvet Rabbit

Hello friends how are you guys. I hope you are well. Today we bring you an interesting and unique one: “The Velveteen Rabbit”. This is the story of a velveteen rabbit who craves child’s affection like a Babsy toy. There were many types of toys in a toy shop. On it lived a soft and … Read more

king arthur story

king arthur story

Once upon a time. There was a magical land called Camelot, a happy kingdom. The kingdom was ruled by a great, wise and powerful king named Uther Pendragon. King Uther must face Morgana, an evil sorceress. Due to which the danger of overthrowing his rule is looming. So now let us see what happened to … Read more