Stickman Story for little age kids

Tell Little Stickman Story to your children. The story is based on one Stickman who is fall in many trouble and many time. One by one dog and second-time girl and third-time one Duck hold Stickman by considering wood stick. Read all the funny journey of the stickman.

One Stick Man is lived in the jungle with their family in the family tree. Stick Man family lived their beautiful Stick Lady and their three little children. Stick Man all three children are very naughty and funny they lot of love with their children and their wife.

Stick Man had a habit of going for a walk in the morning. One day stick Man would go for a walk in the morning. Stick Man saw a dog on the way who is coming towards him. Seeing the dog, the Stick Man command panics and tries to run away.

Stick Man sees the dog running away and starts following him to catch Stick Man. The dog quickly catches Stick Man in his mouth. Stick Man cry and tell the dog, ” Please, leave me. Please Leave Me. I am Stick Man, I am Stick Man and I go to my tree family house.

In a short time, the owner of the dog comes to him. Seeing his owner, the dog starts to shake and he throws Stick Man. The dog owner takes the stick, he thought this is a dog play stick and then he throws it forcibly in the sky and gestures to bring the dog.

Steakman speaks while flying in the air,

“I am not a stick! Why can’t you see,

I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man,

I’m Stick Man, that’s me,

And I want to go home to the family tree!”

After a while, Gard of the park arrives and he tells the owner of the dog that there is a restriction on bringing the dog here. After some time Guard of the park arrives and he tells the owner of the dog that there is a restriction on playing with the dog in the park. Knowing this, the owner of the dog goes from the park with the dog and the Stickman gets freed of him. Now again Stickman returns to his Family Tree.

In the middle of the way, he has seen a beautiful girl who comes close to him. Seeing Stick Man, the girl picks him up and starts thinking. Girl thinks that this wood stick is a bird’s nest and She decides to goes to give to stick bird.

She speaks by looking at the birds in the river,,

“Has everyone got one! Get ready to throw”

It’s 1,2,3 in to the river they go!

Seeing the girl throw Stickmann across the river, Stickmann speaks,

“I’m not a Stick! Why can’t they see,

I’m Stick man, I’m Stick man, that’s me,

And I’m heading away from the family tree!”

After dropping into the river Stick Man getting to swim. Stick Man Floating on the river seeing Duck came to near Stick Man. Duck thinks this is my nest stick and then quickly pressing in their beak and duck start going to his nest.

Duck put Stick Man on their nest and start to give food to their little and cute baby Ducks. After some time All ducks go for a long walk in the river.

After some time one girl and one lady Driving the boat comes close to the Duck’s nest. Due to the boat, the calm water of the river starts shaking and due to this, the Duck Nest gets shattered. Due to the scattering nest, the stickman is freed again and gets out of his Tree House.

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Stickman Story Conclusion

I hope your children and you really enjoy Stickman Story. Stickman’s story is basically written by Julia Donaldson. and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. It’s really very very cool story of kids.

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