60 different teachable and easy riddles for kids(With Answers)

Today I tell you different and very easy riddles for kids. You will like this Ridley a lot. But I want to tell you something before that, do children like Riddles?

Apart from the puzzle, easy riddles for kids with answers is another good way by which you can increase your child’s brainpower. Trickey riddles for kids increase the thinking process of children and promote their ideas.

Children are active at a small age, their brain is quite active and they are always very excited to learn new things. Every parent should take advantage of their growing age and their growth mindset and encourage children and raise them. This is a good opportunity for every parent, where they can increase the brainpower of children.

Parents should know that children should keep saying jokes and riddles because they get children to learn external things, they also get happiness along with them.

Good riddles type things create an environment in which the concept of Fun with Learn is incorporated. Always remember that the simple one is the most valuable.

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riddles for kids

What is a Riddle?

Riddles are simple and funny question-answer quiz type format in which parents ask all questions to their children and children guess their answers. It increases children’s question solving and thinking process.

Who am I Riddles for kids?

  1. I am something that never asks any questions, but I demand a great many answers. What am 1?
  • A doorbell.

2. I am something that can run and whistle, but can neither walk nor talk. What am I?

  • A railroad engine.

3. I am something that can be heard and caught, but never seen. What am I?

  • A remark.

4. I am something everybody tends to overlook no matter how careful he is. What am I?

  • Your nose.

5. I am something that is lighter than a feather, and yet harder to hold. What am I?

  • Your Breath.

6. Tam something that is often found where I don’t exist. What am I?

  • Fault.

7. I am something that always increases the more I am shared with others. What am I?

  • Happiness.

8. I am something that is too much for one, enough for two, but nothing at all for three. What am I?

  • A secret

9. Use me well, I’m everybody; scratch my back, and I’m nobody. What am I?

  • A mirror

10. I am taken from a mine and shut up in a wooden case from which I am never released, and yet I am used by almost everybody? What am I?

  • The lead in a pancil.

11. Take away my first letter: take away my second letter take away all my letters, and remain the same. What am I?

  • The Post Man.

12. Toccur once in every minute, twice in every moment, and yet not once in a hundred thousand years. What am I?

  • The letter M.

13. You can hang me on the wall, but if you take me down, you can’t hang me up again. What am I?

  • Wallpaper.

14. I am something that everyone holds once in a while, but hardly anyone touches me. What am I?

  • The tongue.

15. I am something that always weighs the same, whether I am larger or smaller. What am I?

  • A-hole.

16. I am something that makes everything visible, but am myself unseen. What am I?

  • Light

17. I am something that always goes around a button. What am I?

  • A goat. A goat always go around a-buttin.

18. I am something that every living person has soon, but no one ever sees me again. What am I?

  • Yesterday.

19. I am something that a girl often looks for, but always hopes she won’t find. What am I?

  • A run in her stocking

20 I am something that is full of holes and yet can hold water. What am I?

  • A sponge?

Geography Easy Riddles For Kids

21. What would you do if you found Chicago?

  • Get a Baltimore MD.

22. When do you get like a well-known South American country?

  • When you are Chile

23. Why is Massachusetts like an egg?

  • Because it has a Holyoke.

24. Why is a barefoot boy like an Alaskan Eskimo?

  • Because he wears no shoes [wears snowshoes].

25. Why doesn’t Sweden have to send abroad for cattle?

  • Because she keeps a good Stockholm (stock homo).

26. What was the greatest feat of strength ever performed in the United States?

  • Wheeling West Virginia.

27. What state is round at both ends and high in the middle?

  • Ohio.

28. What is the happiest state? Maryland (Maryland), I! Why is the isthmus of Suez like the first U in cucumber?

  • Because it’s between two seas (C’s).

29. Why do some people think that Noah was born in New Jersey?

  • Because he was a New-ark man.

30. Why is the Mississippi the most talkative of rivers?

  • Because it has a dozen mouths.

31. Why do so many of the Chinese travel on foot?

  • Because there is only one Cochin-China (coach in China).

32. Which of the West Indian islands does a maker of preserved fruits resemble?

  • Jamaica (jam-maker).

33 What is it that is found in the very center of America and Australia?

The letter R.

Which riddle for kids

34. Which is the strongest day of the week?

  • Sunday, because all the rest are weak days.

35. Which can move faster, heat or cold?

  • Heat, because you can catch cold.

36. Which is correct: The white of the eggs is yellow, or the white of the eggs are yellow?

  • Neither. The whites are never yellow,

37. Which takes less time to get ready for a trip an elephant or a rooster?

  • The rooster. He takes only his comb, while the elephant has to take a whole trunk.

38. Which has more legs- a horse or no horse?

  • No horse. No horse has five or more legs. A horse has just four legs.

39. Which candles burn longer-wax candles or tallow candles?

  • Neither. They both burn shorter.

40. Which is heavier, milk or cream?

  • Milk is because cream rises the surface.

41. Which would you rather have a lion eat you or a tiger?

  • Thanks, I’d rather have the lion eat the tiger.

42. Which is the most dangerous bat that flies in the air?

  • A brickbat.

43. Which is heavier, a half, or a full moon?

  • The half, because the full moon is as light again as the half-moon.

44. Which of the heavenly bodies has the smallest change in its pockets?

  • The moon, because it is always changing quarters.

45. Which of your parents is your nearest relative?

  • Your mother, because your other parent is always father (farther)

Letter Riddles For Kids

46. Why is the letter E always discontented?

  • Because, while it is never out of health or pocket, it never appears in good spirits.

47. Why is the letter A like honeysuckle?

  • Because a B (bee) is always after it.

48. Why is the letter D like a bad boy?

  • Because it makes me mad.

49. Why is the noisiest of the vowels?

  • Because all the other vowels (A, E, I, U) are inaudible lin “audible ”).

50. Why do you think B comes before C?

  • Because we must be (B) before we can see (C).

51. What starts with a T, ends with a T, and is full of T?

  • A teapot.

52. What helpful thing does the letter A do for a deaf woman?

  • It makes her hear.

53. What is always invisible yet never out of sight?

  • The letters and S.

54. Why is the letter Flike death?

  • Because it makes all fall.

55. Why is a false friend like the letter P?

  • Because he is the first in pity, but the loss in help.

56. What letter of the alphabet separates Europe from Africa?

  • C (sea).

57. What four letters of the alphabet would scare off a burglar?

  • 0.1CU (Oh, I see you).

58. What is it that every pauper possesses that others have not?

  • The letter P.

59. What is the most important thing in the world?

  • The letter E, because it is first in everybody and everything.

60. What letter is always nine inches long?

  • The letter Y, which is always one – fourth of a yard.

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Enigmas For Kids

I’m not on earth, nor the sun, nor the moon.

You may search for all the sky – I’m not there.

In the morning and evening – though not in the noon

You may plainly perceive me, for, like a balloon,

I am midway suspended in the air.

Though disease may possess me, and sickness and pain,

I am never in sorrow nor gloom

Though in wit and in wisdom

I equally reign, I’m the heart of all sin and have long lived in vain; Yet I will never be found in the tomb.

Ans: The Letter I.


Two heads I have and strange as it may bo,

I can be found in every big army.

I’m always still except when roughly used,

But I can be noisy when beaten or abused.

Soldiers of all nations rely on me,

So I can be useful, as you can see.

Ans: Drum


Pray to tell me, ladies, if you can,

Who is that highly favored man,

Who, though he has married many a wife,

May still live single all his life?

Ans: Clergyman


My first is in pork, but not in ham

My second in the oyster, but not in clam

My third is in pond, but not in lake

My fourth is in hand, but not in shake

My fifth is in eye, but not in pink

My whole is a flower, you’ll guess if you think.

Ans: Peony


The beginning of eternity,

The end of time and space,

The beginning of every end,

The end of every place.

Ans: The Letter E.

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