Sleeping Beauty Original Story


Once upon a time. There was a king and a queen. A beautiful princess was born in their house. Both of them were very happy with his arrival. They accepted it as happiness and invited the fairies of the country to bless the little princess but they did not invite the evil fairy named Maleficent. And for not inviting Maleficent, she became enraged and cursed Princess Aurora. What was the curse? What happened to that princess? Read this story to know how the curse will be broken ?

Sleeping Beauty The Original Story Begins.

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there lived a king and queen who were overjoyed when a beautiful baby girl was born. They named her Aurora because she brought light and happiness to their lives. To celebrate her birth, the king and queen invited all the fairies in the land to bestow blessings upon the little princess.

However, one wicked fairy named Maleficent was not invited to the royal celebration. Feeling scorned and enraged, she stormed into the palace and cursed the newborn princess. Maleficent declared that on her sixteenth birthday, Aurora would prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into an eternal slumber from which only true love’s kiss could awaken her.

The other fairies tried to undo Maleficent’s curse, but they could only soften its effects. Instead of dying, Aurora would fall into a deep sleep until true love’s kiss broke the spell. The fairies decided to take drastic measures to protect the princess. They entrusted Aurora’s safety to three of the most powerful and kind-hearted fairies – Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.

In an attempt to keep Aurora safe, the three good fairies disguised themselves as humble peasant women and took her far away from the palace. They raised her in a secluded cottage deep in the forest, hidden from the evil Maleficent’s watchful eyes.

As the years passed, Aurora grew into a lovely and kind-hearted young girl, unaware of her true identity. The fairies called her “Briar Rose” to keep her safe from Maleficent’s clutches.

On the eve of Aurora’s sixteenth birthday, the fairies decided to return to the castle and reveal the truth to her. Little did they know that Maleficent was still determined to fulfill her curse. She had been tirelessly searching for Aurora all these years, waiting for the right moment to strike.

In the castle, Prince Phillip, a noble and brave young man from a neighboring kingdom, heard rumors of a mysterious and beautiful princess who lived deep in the forest. Intrigued, he set out on a quest to find her and see if the legends were true.

On Aurora’s sixteenth birthday, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather took her back to the castle to meet her parents. As Aurora stepped into the grand hall, the room filled with joy and splendor. The king and queen were thrilled to see their daughter again, and they embraced her with tears of happiness.

As the day wore on, the fairies kept a watchful eye on Aurora to ensure her safety. They were aware of the looming threat of Maleficent’s curse. To distract Aurora from any danger, they organized a magnificent birthday feast and ball in her honor.

Meanwhile, Prince Phillip had ventured deep into the forest, guided by the whispers of the magical creatures who spoke of the beautiful princess. When he finally reached the secluded cottage, he was mesmerized by Aurora’s grace and beauty. They danced together in the moonlight, and Phillip knew in his heart that she was the one he had been searching for.

As the clock struck midnight, Aurora reluctantly bid farewell to the prince and returned to the castle with the fairies. Unbeknownst to them, Maleficent had finally discovered Aurora’s whereabouts and decided to set her wicked plan in motion.

In the darkest corner of the castle, hidden from the celebration, Maleficent conjured a spinning wheel and placed it in Aurora’s path. The princess, drawn by curiosity, approached the spinning wheel and pricked her finger on its spindle, just as Maleficent had foretold.

Aurora fell into a deep slumber, and a powerful enchantment fell upon the entire kingdom. The fairies, heartbroken and desperate, tried their best to wake the princess, but nothing worked. They decided to use their remaining magic to put the entire kingdom to sleep to protect Aurora.

Meanwhile, Prince Phillip, unaware of the tragedy that had befallen the castle, returned to find the kingdom covered in thorns and under Maleficent’s dark spell. With the help of the fairies, he fought his way through the thorny forest and confronted Maleficent in a dramatic showdown.

In the end, with the power of true love and the support of the fairies, Prince Phillip was able to defeat Maleficent and break the curse. He reached Aurora’s side and gave her a tender kiss, waking her from her slumber.

As Aurora opened her eyes and looked into the loving gaze of Prince Phillip, the entire kingdom burst into light and joy. The spell was broken, and the thorns melted away, revealing a kingdom more beautiful than ever before.

The king and queen embraced their beloved daughter, grateful for her safe return. The fairies were overjoyed to see their plan succeed, and Prince Phillip was welcomed into the royal family with open arms.

Aurora’s story spread far and wide, becoming a tale of true love’s triumph over darkness and evil. The kingdom celebrated her return with an even grander feast and ball, and everyone danced and sang in joy.

From that day forward, Aurora, now known as the “Sleep Beauty,” ruled the kingdom alongside Prince Phillip with kindness and wisdom. The fairies remained by their side, guiding and protecting them throughout their reign.

And so, the kingdom of Camelot flourished under the wise rule of Aurora and Phillip, and the tale of Sleeping Beauty became a legend for generations to come. It taught everyone that true love, kindness, and courage could overcome any darkness, and that good would always triumph over evil in the end.

Sleeping Beauty the Original Story Conclusion.

In the end, good triumphs over the evil of the fairy Maleficent. The curse Maleficent placed on Aurora was broken because of Phillips. And Prince Phillips proved that his heart was strong enough to break the curse. Princess Aurora marries Prince Phillips. And happily ruled.

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