Tell The Story Of Scorpion and The Frog (Bedtime Story)

This is the Story of Scorpion and The Frog. A story about one Frog and Scorpion who Lived in Jungle. Tell The Scorpion and The Frog Story in Bedtime to your Children.

One beautiful Jungle in lived one Scorpion in the dark cave. Scorpion is very scary from appearance. One day when Scorpion was coming in after dinner, a big disaster suddenly occurred. This disaster caused his cave to collapse and Scorpion became homeless.

Shortly thereafter, Scorpion thought of finding a second home, a cave that would be good for him and comforting. After this, Scorpion started looking for a new home for himself. The Scorpion started going from here to find a new cave for himself. Scorpion finally tired of finding the cave and later decided to cross the river and find a new home.

But when he went to the river, Scorpion realized that he could not swim. He has never jumped or been in the river. Now he had no way and after that, he was sadly standing in front of the river.

After spending some time, he saw a frog that was taking a big dip in the water. Frog came to him looking at the unhappy Scorpion and said, “What happened to you Scorpion? Why are you sad ?,” Can I help you?

Scorpion slowly told the frog all the bad things that happened to him. Together he said that I do not know how to swim and because of that I cannot go across the river to find a cave for myself. The frog was very sad to hear this and said to Scorpion, “Can I help you?” I can reach you across the river.

Scorpion said how would you do this? The frog said that “if you sit on my backside, then I will reach you across the river.” Assuming the Scorpion sat on the frog’s back.

The frog now swims slowly to the river. When the frog reaches the middle of the floating river, the Scorpion hits its sharp-edged Sting. When Frog realized this, he asked Scorpion why you Sting me. I am helping you.

scorpion reply to the frog that, stinging is my nature. The injured Frog was very sad to hear this sentence by the scorpion. After that Frog also made him learn a lesson and he bounced off his back in the river of Scorpion. That’s how the story ended.

What You Learn By Story of The Scorpion and The Frog

No matter how much you help the bad people, you can never change their nature.

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Scorpion and the Frog Story by Dyggie & George

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I hope you liked the Story of Scorpion and The Frog story very much. You remained connected with us like this and kept telling interesting stories to your children. We will keep bringing such wonderful stories to your children.

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