Robin Hood: The Jailbreak

Robin Hood: The Jailbreak story is a very interesting bedtime story for kids. This is a story about two thieves. One thieve name is Robin and second thieve name is John. Read the full story to know more about how robin is very clever and he saves many people from big trouble.

Robin Hood story

In Sherwood Forest, there lived two thieves. One was named Robin Hood and the other was called Little John. They were no ordinary outlaws-they stole from the rich to give to the poor.

It all began when the good King Richard left to fight in a war, and his greedy brother, Prince John, took over as ruler. Prince John was only interested in becoming rich, so he ordered the Sheriff of Nottingham to collect as much tax money as he could.

The people of the kingdom because poor and hungry. Robin Hood realized that something had to be done. He knew that King Richard would never have allowed his people to go without food. So he and his friend Little John began to steal.

The prince was determined o capture, Robin Hood. But Robin and Little John were very good at tricking Prince John Kand the Sherit. No matter how many rips were set. the outlaws always escaped.

Prince John decided the only way to get even with Robin Hood was to collect more money from the poor. “Triple the taxes!” he ordered. “Squeeze every last drop out of those peasants!”

The evil sheriff was only too happy to follow orders. Those who couldn’t pay were sent to jail. Before long, the entire town of Nottingham seemed to be locked in jail: the owls, the mice, the rooster, and all the rabbits. Even Robin’s friend Friar Tuck was taken to prison and sentenced to death for treason!

Robin Hood and Little John were shocked when they heard about Friar Tuck’s fore. “A jailbreak tonight is the only chance he’s got,” Robin said.

“A jailbreak” replied Little John. “There’s no wrong you conger in there ” We’vegotto or Friar Tuck Jies at down,” Robin told him. He began to plan a daring rescue.

In the middle of the night, Robin Hood and Little John climbed a ladder and surveyed the castle grounds. Five hefty rhinos and some vultures were guarding the jail. Wolf archers patrolled nearby. It was going to be a tough rescue!

Little John snuck up to one of the vultures, captured him, and quietly tied him to a nearby tree. Then Robin Hood put on the guard’s outfit so that he could walk around the castle without making anyone sustains.

“Just you watch this performance. Robin said to Little John.

“Be careful,” Little John warned him.

As the lazy sheriff snoozed. Robin carefully stole his keys and them to Little John. “You release Friar Tuck and the gave others,” he whispered. “I’ll drop on the royal treasury.”

Robin was determined toges back the money that Prince John had taken from the people of the kingdom.

Little John ran up the stairs to the jail cell and began to unlock the prisoner’s chains and shackles.

Friar Tuck was so happy he could hardly contain himself. “It can’t be!” he exclaimed.

Shhh Quick said Little John “We’re husting out of here!”

Meanwhile, Robin Hood went to the tower where the prince was sleeping.

He climbed up a rope and peered through the window. Prince John was asleep inside, a bag of money in each hand. Sir Hiss, a snake who was the prince’s adviser, slept at the foot of the bed. Bags and bags of money were piled around the room.

Robin Hood tiptoed into the prince’s room. He quietly set up a pulley system that went to the window of the jail below, where Little John and the newly freed prisoners were waiting. Robin D. attached the moneybags to the ropes, and Little John pulled them toward him. One by one, the bags disappeared from the room.

When Robin Wus about to leave, he noticed a bag right next to Prince John. He got it, snuck over to the window, and grabbed onto the pulley rope.

Sir Hiss woke up just as Robin was leaving. The snake grabbed one of the moneybags on the rope. Then he wrapped his tail around Prince John’s foo When the bog moved along the pulley, it palled Sir Hiss and the prince-and his bed-with it! Hiss and Prince John went siding across the room. Blam!-the bed slammed into the balcony.

The prince clung to the balcony railing for dear life. “Ahhh!” he screamed.

Robin was still on the pulley. “Guards!” yelled the prince. “My gold” The guards unleashed a flurry of arrows. Robin moved along the rope, dodging the arrows. When the outlaw reached the jail, the prince fell to the ground with a splat. Still, he ordered the guards to go after Robin.

Little John and the prisoners ran toward the drawbridge, clutching the prince’s gold, with Robin Hood close behind. When the guard’s arrows flew toward them, Robin shot back a few arrows of his own. Then some of the rhinos charged. Luckily, Little John sported a cart filled with barrels. He emptied it, and the burrels slammed into the guards, knocking them over.

The prisoners loaded the gold onto the cart and jumped in. Robin Hood lowered the drawbridge Little John and Friar Tuck moved the cart across the were almost out of the castle!

But before Robin could catch up with them. o guard cut a rope, and a giant metal gate crashes down in front of him. Robin Hood was trapped!

Robin told his friends to go ahead-he’d catch up with them later.

The Sheriff ran toward the gate. “We’ve got him now,” he boasted to his rhino guards.

They charged, but Robin was quick on his feet. He swiftly climbed the gare, grabbed a rope, and swung right into the Sheriff, knocking him into the second line of guards. Robin then Swung to the top of the castle wall and ran along with it.

The angry sheriff chased him up to the castle tower. He tried to strike Robin with a flaming torch but set fire to the curtains and rug instead!

Robin tried to defend him but as the fire filled the room, he was forced to flee up the stairs to the top of the tower. Before long, the fire snaked up the stairs, and soon the flames were biting at his feet. There was only one way out-he’d

With no other choice, Robin Hood bravely climbed out the window and scurried up the spire atop the tower.

His friends watched nervously from the shore, hoping that Robin was all right.

Prince John ordered his guards to shoot at the trapped outlaw.

Robin took a heroic leap and jumped into the mouth for below Guards fired rows into the water, hoping to hit him.

But no one could catch the clever Robin Hood. Avoiding the arrows, he swam to safety and rejoined his friends.

The jailbreak had been a success! The people of the kingdom were free, and they had gotten their hard-earned money back.

Soon King Richard returned and fixed everything. The king even declared that Robin Hood was no longer an outlaw.

Now Robin was free for another adventure. . to marry his sweetheart, Maid Marian!

As for Prince John..he and his partners in crime were sentenced to hard labor. Now, instead of sorting through piles of money, they sorted through piles of rocks. Robin Hood and the people of the kingdom couldn’t imagine anything more fitting.

Robin Hood Story in YouTube

Robin Hood Story in YouTube By Steve Franklin

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Robin Hood Story End

I hope your children very much love Robin Hood: The Jailbreak story. This is a very interesting and moral story. It makes your children’s night beautiful with full of happiness. If you want to tell more stories to your little toddler then please check our website Amazing Story Home Page. we write the best stories for your kids. It will help you to give better sleep to your children.

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