Claver Rabbit and Wolves Story

Rabbit and Wolves is a short popular bedtime story for kids. This is a story about a clever Rabbit and a group of wolves. Somehow Rabbit was trapped between a group of wolves. And wolves want to eat him. But the clever rabbit was successful to get out. Be relax and read this interesting story about a clever rabbit.

Start of the Story

One clever Rabbit was trapped.  He was in the middle of a ring of wolves.

“Mmm! Dinner!” Said Big wolf.

“Wait.” Said clever Rabbit.

“Don’t you want to see my dance?”

“No! We want to eat you.”

“I want to see your dance rabbit,” said the little wolf. Clever Rabbit tapped his foot.

Rabbit sang, “la la la.”

“Stomp your foot on the world la. Copy me.” All the wolves stomped their feet.

“This is fun.” They said. “Show us more.”

“La-la-la! Tum-tum-tum!”  

“Turn around on the word tum,” said the rabbit to wolves.

“This is easy,” said the big wolf.

“Try it faster.” Said Rabbit to a big wolf.

He sang it faster and faster. The wolves stomped their feet. They turned around and around.

“I’m dizzy,” said the little wolf. Clever Rabbit danced into the long grass.

“Keep dancing,” he called. One by one the wolves fell to the ground.

“Where is the rabbit?” asked the big wolf. But the clever rabbit was far away and the wolves were too dizzy to chase him.  

Do not lose your courage, when you are in grave danger. Use your cleverness to get rid of that problem.

Moral of the Story Rabbit and Wolves

End of Clever Rabbit and the Wolves story

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